8 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC [Run iOS Apps] 2018


Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC 2018 – Are you a developer who want to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC? Or maybe you are just a tech enthusiast who wants to learn about the best iOS emulators for Windows PC out there? If you do, then my friend you landed at the right place. We agree on the fact that a combination of an iPhone and a Windows PC isn’t much productive in a lot of ways. Sometimes it makes it much worse, and you cant share anything between the two devices which might be a bummer for many consumers. best ios emulator for pc

iOS Emulator for Windows 10/7/8/8.1 – Data transfer between iOS devices and Windows PC is very difficult and complicated. This is why it is important to get to know about iOS emulators. Every iOS emulator gives you the freedom to use any iOS app on your Windows PC. So if you are a guy or a girl who is looking forward to using iOS apps inside his/her windows PC, then this article is for you my friend.

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC
Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

Down below, we will be discussing about some of the best iOS emulators for windows PC which you can use to run iOS applications. This means you can enjoy all your favourite iOS games and productivity apps inside your Windows machine. Isn’t that great?

Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need an apple product to use iOS apps. You can just download an iOS emulator on your windows based computer and start enjoying a plethora of iOS apps and games. Once you install any iOS emulator, you will be ready to enjoy plenty of iOS apps and games.


Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC
Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

Before we start discussing about the best iOS emulators for Windows PC, we need to discuss about what iOS emulators really are. You see, emulators are computer softwares with a capability to create or simulate a different environment on various operating systems.

iPhone emulator for Windows PC is somewhat similar to these emulating softwares. After installing any iOS emulator on your windows machine, you will be able to emulate ios environment inside your windows machine. And later on, you can run ios apps and games on that emulated environment.

iOS emulator works on a simple concept of virtualization simulation technology. This technology is responsible for creating virtual runtimes across different developing platforms. These virtual devices are capable of running any kind of operating system. Whether its an android or iOS or any other heavy operating system like Linus or Mac OS. These virtual box or virtual environment are capable of emulating these environments very efficiently.


Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC
Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

We have discussed above that emulators are virtual environment creating programs which can be used to emulate a completely different environment in your windows machine. So iOS emulators by that logic can emulate iOS environment on a windows machine. This will help you to run iOS apps and games on your Windows PC.

However, simulators are something different as that fo emulators. Simulators also create an Operating system environment. But they don’t create a hardware copy for the environment. This leads to many failures like apps stop responding and crashing because of unavailability of RAM and CPU resources.

Most people are professional developers prefer to use iOS emulators over iOS simulators. Even for developing and testing purposes, iOS emulators are used.


iOS emulators were designed and build for the ease of developers. Now developers can easily check and test their applications and programs side by side. These emulators are capable of running any kind of apps, games, softwares from different operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux etc.

And did I forgot to tell you that these emulators come free of cost? That’s absolutely right!! You can enjoy ios apps and games on your Windows PC without spending any dime. Isn’t that great?


We have tried numerous ios Emulators for Windows PC and came up with some of the best iOS emulators. You can install these iOS emulators on windows PC if you wish to install and run any kind of iOS application or game. So without any further delay, let us begin with he list.

1. MOBIONE STUDIO – iOS Emulators For PC

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC
Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

MobiOne studio is a great apple emulator for PC. This is because it emulates iPhone on a windows machine. You can easily run iOS games and apps on your windows PC with MobiOne Studio. Sadly, MobiOne Studio project is discontinued now. However still, you can download it from unofficial sources and download directories. iphone emulator

It is very beneficial for app developers who need to cross-check their applications and games while they are developing them. It emulates a complete iPhone environment on Windows PC so developers can also check extended functions like push notifications etc. ios


Download here

2. APP.IO – (Best iOS Emulators For PC)

App.io is another one of the best iPhone emulating softwares out there for windows users. There are many advantages of App.io, but the biggest benefit you will be getting is its user interface. It’s very easy and basic. In spite all these features and benefits, it’s sad to know that App.io is a little bit slow as compares to other iPhone emulators. Sometimes it takes even more than 30 minutes to sideload an app. ios emulator

Moreover, App.io is not completely free. You will surely get a free trial for seven days. But after that, you need to pay for the premium subscription.

Download Here


SmartFace is another great Apple iPhone emulator for windows.  It is natively used to build cross-platform iOS apps. The best use of this emulator is to test iPad and iPhone apps extensively. You choose the free version or the iPad version of smart phase. If you want to try gaming apps, then we recommend you to choose the iPad version. This is because you will get more wider screen ratio. However, you need to buy the premium subscription after the trial period ends. The paid version starts from $99 only.

Download Here

4. IPADIAN – iPhone Emulator

If you’re looking for a good iPhone,iPad or iOS emulator, then say no more. Ipadian is one of the best iPad emulators for windows users. Furthermore, this emulator is also available on Android platform as well as windows too. So, if you want to enjoy the feel of iPad and all the apple features including the TvOS, iMessages, Siri etc. Then definitely, give a try to Ipadian.

Th best part about iPadian is that it is very easy to use. It was made for casual people like you who don’t need to dive deep into the techy part. Another good reason to try iPadian? Well, its completely free of cost and have no hidden payments included. And this emulator works best for playing iOS games on PC. iphone emulator

Download here

5. APPETIZE.IO – iOS Emulators

Appetize.io is a great alternative to App.io. According to us, Appetize.io works better than App.io when it comes to iOS developing and emulating environment. You can develop Android and iOS apps and games on a cloud platform with the help of this emulator. However, Appetize isn’t a completely free program. For first 100 minutes, you can use it for free and access all of its premium features. But once to cross that threshold, you have to pay $0.05 every minute.

Download Here


ios emulator for pc
ios emulator for pc

Air iPhone emulates a virtual iPhone on your windows machine. This means that you can operate a real iPhone inside your windows pc. Air iPhone supports Adobe AIR framework. This framework is quite useful for the users in many ways. If you want to enjoy using a real iPhone on your windows machine that you need to download AIR framework as well.

Download Here


ios emulator for pc
ios emulator for pc

iPad simulator does what its named for. It simulates iPad environment inside your browser! It is a chrome browser extension. This simulator works both as a simulator as well as a cloud OS.

To be honest, it is just a virtual clone of the original existing iPad mini. It does the work if you need to run iOS apps on windows. However, if you want to do something more technical like testing apps, then this isn’t the best option for you.

Download here


ios emulator for pc
ios emulator for pc

iPhone simulator is a great iPhone simulator. Sounds crazy right? But its true. If you’re looking for a simple to use an emulator, which you can use to play iPhone games, then my friend you need to try this iPhone simulator. This particular emulator gives the best graphics quality and framerates while playing iOS games. Moreover, this emulator is completely free of cost. So you can use all features from iOS without paying a single penny.

Download here

From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, these were the top best 8 iOS emulators for pc which you download today for free. Please remember to download these emulators from their authentic/official sites only. We hope that you select one of them if you wish to either play some iOS games or to test your own apps.

Whatever the reason might be, we assure you that you can trust on these emulators. Moreover, if I missed any other great iOS emulators out there, then please let me know. I will be happy to add them to this list. Share this article with your friends who wish to use iOS apps on a Windows PC.

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