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18 Java IDE Tools: Java Developers Can Use To Create Great Code

Programming Tools

Best 18 Java IDE Tools: – There’s no way a Java developer can do his/her work without having the right tools at their disposal. And, the luckily for Java developers, there are a plethora of tools that make it easier to write a great Java code. If you’re a Java developer, you may recognise and use any of the 18 programs listed below by Java Developers from Binariks.com to create your code, but chances are you’ve not used all of them.

Programming Tools

  • Clover – Atlassian created this code tool, which runs in a constant integration system or IDE. It comes with a test optimisation tool to ensure tests are running faster.
  • Eclipse – This is an open-source integrated development environment, which is great for developers who need a Java tool to develop their code.
  • FindBugs – This is a static code analyser that looks at possible code errors as deeply troubling. It can be used alone or along with other Java tools as a plug-in.
  • Gradle – This is a build tool, which automates building, publishing, testing and deployment of software along with producing documentation and static websites.
  • Guava – This is a utility library with core libraries Google relies upon for projects that are Java-based such as primitives support, caching, collections, string processing, etc.
  • Guice – Google’s lightweight reliance inversion of Control framework.
  • Hibernate – This program is an object-relational mapper that uses API
  • IntelliJ – This is an IDE that JetBrains has developed in an Apache 2-licensed community and commercial edition. It has similar features seen in Eclipse.
  • Jackson – This tool ensures developers get something that’s lightweight and fast.
  • JD-GUI – This Java decompiler tool is a single graphic utility that can show the .class source codes. It’s free to use for non-commercial use.
  • Jenkins – This is a customizable, continuous integration tool that has over 600 plugins.
  • Jetty – This is a lightweight app server.
  • JUnit – This is a unit test framework with a primary tool for test-driven development that includes constant white-box testing.
  • Mockito – This is a mock library that’s considered open source and allows for mock creation, verification and bumping.
  • Snappy – Google Code offers this compression/decompression library, and is useful when speed is a necessity.
  • Spring Boot – This is an application development system that works in the build system.
  • VisualVM – This in all-in-one troubleshooting Java tool that’s equipped with JDK.
  • YourKit – This is a Java profile that integrates on-demand profiling in production and development, powerful analysis capabilities and continuous application server integration and IDE.
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One of the best tools that allow you to see everything within the Java applications you use is the New Relic Java Monitoring. With it, you can locate code-level application performance issues right away so they can be quickly fixed.