Top 10 Best Medical Apps for iPhone | 2017

Best Medical Apps for iPhone

Best Medical Apps for iPhone – Health is a major issue, without taking care or yourself you cannot achieve anything. Health plays important role to keep you active, fit, etc.


Health problems have increased in the past few years from various viruses or viral. So being aware of things is more important than ever, Which brings us to this topic. We will list for you the top 10 best medical apps for iPhone which will help you in making quick decisions. Thank god to humanity that our technology is helping make a difference in our health and medicine.

List of Top 10 Best Medical Apps for iPhone:

There are times of quick emergency and you don’t know what to do. Doctors cannot be available all the time, so below mentioned are some of the best medical apps for those times when you can make quick decisions yourself. The doctors can also use some apps as well, to refer to their known information or to explain the patient properly.

1.) Essential Anatomy 5

Most downloaded medical app even thought It costs $24.99 but wait. You will not mind the price at all when you hear what the app is capable of displaying and how useful it is. The app contains over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures. Each structure contains an audio English along with a detailed description. Navigate the 3D human model or use the search function to intuitively find structures. You can compare and display any body structure and bookmark some important information or pin it down. Very useful for information, Moreover many doctors use it to explain their patients and note their problem within the app. It is an essential app, definitely the best medical app in its genre.

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2.) GoodRx – Prescription Drug Prices, Coupons and Pill Identifier

If your in the US this is probably one of the best medical apps you will ever see. The apps stops you from overpaying for your prescriptions. You can now compare prices for your prescribed drugs and also find coupons to save some bucks on them even with insurance. The app is legit and has been recommended by The New York times, ABC, CNN and etc. So there ya do.

3.) Epocrates Reference Tools for Healthcare Providers

Ever wondered what a certain medicine is all about? What is it used for and what is its side effects and contents. Review among thousand of medicines stored in the database of this app. Truly useful app and always had wonderful reviews to it.

4.) Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator

Been at the top for while, Its nearly perfect with its accuracy with fertility, period cycles. Track and predict your ovulation and fertile days. It is really an essential for women. Very helpful application. Its not just your regular period tracking app, its made by Harvard scientist with extensive research. Really worth downloading.

5.) MotionX 24/7: Sleep-tracker, Sleep Cycle Alarm, Snore, Apnea, Heart Rate Monitor, Weight Loss, Activity Tracker

One of the best medical apps, featured by many big names like New York times, ABC, etc. It helps you improve your sleep. Yea helps you improve your sleep by tracking your sleep pattern, your movements and stuff. It even calculates your activities through out the day like how many steps you moved and also keep an eye on your BPM and helps you know where you need to improve your sleep. It can detect your snoring, and all other stuff. This app really does helps with your sleep. I vouch for that personally.

6.) Pregnancy + 

Not for all but If you are expecting a baby, this app can be very handy. The app displays you Hd clear graphic illustrations of all the 42 weeks of pregnancy. Helps you track your health by measuring weight and other aspects. It gives you a reason to come on everyday as everyday as the day passes it shows different growth regions and analyses your condition and tell you what is recommended.

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7.) UpToDate

UptoDate does what the name suggests. Keeps track of medical advancements and news. You can look at what the medical word is on about , or you can search for specific topics. Along with articles, The app also provides videos on various medical procedures . For someone studying medicine, working in the medical professional, or just interested in medical news, This app might be the one for you.

8.) MyChart

MyChart allows you to access your medical records on your phone at any time. You can refer back at what medication you have been on or if you have taken any vaccination lately or even the record of your doctor visits. Schedule visits from directly within the app, and request prescription refills and many more things which you shall explore. This has compatibility with the apple watch, so its really convenient.

9.) CareZone

The app helps you in manage your medications and other health related information. You can just click photos of your medications, prescriptions and store it on the app for referring later. It lets you list down medications, dosages, and schedules directly from your photo library.  The personalised health tips and ability to assign to-do lists and store important documents for future reference are only a plus.

10.) AsthmaMD

Again the app is for all, but if you have asthma. Bingo. AsthmaMD is an award winning app. app too helps the asthma patient to maintain a digital record of the medical history. Eg : what makes your attack of asthma to trigger and there upon what medications you took can be viewed as a graph

These were the top 10 best medical apps for iPhone available on the iOS App store as of now. I tried to combine up apps which are mostly used and have a positive rating streak. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and Stay fit 🙂

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