10 Best Merry Christmas Apps for Android / iPhone / iPad – 2018

Best Christmas Apps: It’s that festive wintertime when you enjoy in the cool breeze &  gets inside your warm blankets unless you’re from Australia or so. Well yes, December started and you know Christmas will be there in No time and then the new years. The App Store releases crazy new apps and gives crazy discounts on every application. Not only that but come on, how many times Christmas comes in the year? Once and so does all the free or discounted holiday music to greeting cards.

The time of Christmas is beautiful and there are many sweet apps out there to get you in that Christmas vibe, be it Christmas carols to wallpapers to Santa-themed games. It’s the time to celebrate and enjoy the gift openings/ With over several hundred thousand apps. it’s tough to find the right app but if you’re a little adventurous, you’ll find loads of amazing iPhone apps for Christmas.Best Merry Christmas Apps for Android / iPhone / iPad

List of 10 Best Christmas Apps for Android / iPhone / iPad – 2017

So let me now tell you about some of the Christmas apps your missing on.

#1 The Christmas List

It is a specially themed application to make your Christmases shopping the best shopping experience. It is fully based on Christmas but that doesn’t make it any less utility wise. The app features professional list options with email support and many other settings /filters to play around with. Now it’s not something special but hey! it’s Christmas. This app will definitely feel the vibe, also it’s not bad to use. You can use it create a budget list or exact things to get while shopping. The app is password protected, which is something good as it gives you a sense of security. In the season panic, this might turn out to be one of the Best Christmas Apps for you.

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#2 Angry Birds

Angry birds are popular, but the lovely thing about the game is that its developers are very active with the updates! Each year they update a theme for the Christmas which changes the whole outlook of the game in giving you that Christmasy feels. It does have the same concept of killing the pigs through birds, but then you will notice many magical things, your rewards will have more gifts and the background images and things like birds with Santa caps will all make you love the app so much and will totally make you feel like yea its that time of the year.

#3 Etsy

Etsy is an eBay for handcrafted things, isn’t that a beautiful thing. So many sellers out there who make handmade stuff sell their products and creations here. So if you need Christmas themed creations, you just have to select it. It houses more than 18 million items. It’s the perfect app for finding a unique present or a decor for your house. Definitely, one of the Best Christmas Apps to purchase decor & gifts from which are unique

#4 Christmas Radio

Holiday music lovers across the globe can stream and enjoy a wide variety of Christmas hits from over 50 unique stations. It has popular stations to listen to like Mistletoe, Christmas Carols Radio, and Kristmas Kountry. There’s also North Pole Radio, which broadcasts directly from the North Pole, which obviously gives it a vibe that its directly from Santa. It has a clean interface on the iPhone and a fun to tune into the app.

#5 Christmas Live Wallpaper

The app lets an android user, set a live wallpaper which has exclusive Christmas themed wallpapers. For example, A Christmas tree moving by the flow of the wind or Countdown button along with the Christmas tree or even a tree with lights flashing all around. Just try it out once and it will give you that whole feel of the month of December with small details in your phone which you will see every day.

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#6 Christmas Food

A good meal with the family and some wine is one the perfect ways to spend Christmas. Now unless your some chef, this application can really help you decide your Christmas dinner instead of the old classics which people usually eat. The app has many recipes of various things you could cook but what makes it different is that those recipes have that touch to give you the seasonal feels. You can learn how to cook the perfect turkey, unique ways of roasting potatoes, and different ways to make Christmas pudding. I mean they have got it all covered for your Christmas dinner.

#7 Wheres Santa ?

Its a fun little puzzle game, where you have to find where’s Santa and what is he up to. The concept of the game is simple. A marker pinpoints his location, giving you hint on what Santa is doing and where. With every location, Santa drops an anagram. it is great for children as it also teaches about the world map since you find the Santa and also uses brain to solve it. It is a fun little app to have during this time of the year.

#8 Christmas Tale HD

Its like a roleplay thing, where Santa and his wife lives. You assist Santa with things, which is the basic concept of the game. It is an interactive application which basically shares the typical life of a Santa if there is one for real, though. Probably one of the Best Christmas Apps for the kids to play around with during Christmas. It has some facts too, help Santa deliver his gifts and stuff.

#9 Christmas Greetings for iPhone

Send Christmas Greetings straight from our application, Take advantage of ready Christmas greeting texts and Christmas cards and save your time. Create your own text or graphics and send it to your friends and relative. Share your project with others. It’s easy to use and you just have to select from your Camera roll and edit up a caption and boom.

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#10 Christmas Countdown!

As the name suggests, it is just something to wait onto and celebrate. It’s an app which shows you countdown to Christmas just to keep you excited and waited for the celebrations or a gift which you are expecting. It’s just to remind you daily and keep up the hype and moral.

From the Editors Desk:

Christmas is a widely celebrated festival globally and it brings happiness and joy to everyone, and as believed the Santa does leave a present for you! So while there is still some time for Christmas, here the best Christmas apps to give you that early dose of Christmas. Hope you like it.