Top 10 Best Music Player Apps for Android Users !

Best Music Player Apps for Android  –  Music is an amazing thing that fascinates us in many ways, we all love to listen to music, doesn’t matter it is either Modern or classic. Music is the best way to express feelings, Some scientific studies also proved that music helps us in making our decision-making ability better and it makes our mood better. As this is the era of technology, and almost every person on this planet is having a smartphone in his pocket (not really). And when anyone talks about smartphones, only 1 thing comes to mind, which is ANDROID.

Best music player for android with equalizer, if you are that kind of person – who likes to have a lot of features in their device. then my dear friend, you are at the right place. Here, in this article – I’ve collected and explained some best free music player for android phone. That will help you in enjoying your free time.

Best Music Player Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Music Player Apps for Android |

The best thing to manage all your songs and music files in your smartphone is by using an extra beneficial music player, which will help you in maintaining all your personal music files. So, in this article, we gonna talk about the Top 10 Best Music Players for Android. Let’s start from the one which is on number 10.

10. Pixel music player

The Pixel music player is very cool and one of the good music player, which brings the unique experience with the new layout of the music. This music player provides awesome skins changing options which make it more attractive and the floating buttons make it more user-friendly and easy to interact with the application. As it is a music player, it supports almost all of the famous music players mp3, ogg, wav etc.

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9. MusixMatch

Like all other music players, Musixmatch is a good and user friendly music player. The main feature of this music player is that it also supports the lyrics with the music files. It displays music lyrics along with the playing of music. The floating pop up box displays the music lyrics along with the music and user can easily drag the pop up window anywhere on the screen. MusixMatch also supports most of the music formats ogg,mp3,m4a etc.

8. Rocket Music Player

The Rocket Music player one of the professional players out there in the market. It has Unique and a little but complex interface, which attracts most of the Techno geeks while it diverges the common user. So, Keeping its dignity in mind, google play store removes its download ability directly from play store. Means, Now you can’t download Rocket Music Player from play store, but if you search for it, play store will redirect you to official site of Rocket Music Player. It has great UI, thats why it is Number 8 on our TOP 10 Music Player list.

7. Poweramp

Poweramp is the one of the most popular and people recommended android application, which is out there in the android play store. It contains a lot of features along with the music player application. App has got 4.7 rating on google play store, that’s why it is the most popular and recommended music player among the bloggers and users. It can easily be customized by external themes.

6. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro music player is simple and sleek music player application, which makes is separate from all of the complex and fancy music players that are available on the google play store. The main feature of this music player which makes it different form all other music players out there in the market, is that it has the unique shake feature, which allows you to anytime play / pause / resume the music on your playlist. Trial versions are also available, so you can try it before you can actually buy it.

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5. Neutron Music Player

The UI is easy to move around. You’ll have no trouble figuring out how to work this one. The player supports almost all of the possible audio formats. It is among the top 5 Highest rated music player apps with rating 4.8 / 5.0 . The interface of the player is bit simple, but the features are very much. The has got no trial versions, so you have to buy it directly via play store.

4. n7player

n7player has got most unique and different layout for placing the playlists, and searching for any music file in the device. Like all music players, this player has got the ability to support almost all of the famous music files extensions and it uses very less resources while displaying the high graphics and effects while playing a music file. The player can be called as a Simple Beauty.

3. JetAudio Music Player

As we are getting closer to our goal of Top Most best Music player in the android world, The players we are coming across are becoming more and more powerful and effective. As this one here, JetAudio Music player is the player which has got a ton of plugins to make it more effective. Its simple user interface makes it more easy to understand and use. Its rating on the google play store tells all bout its public image and usage among other music players. It has got the unique Pebble compatibility.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is ‘The Official Music Player‘ of google and one of the Best Music Player Apps for Android. It is very flexible as such, it looks for online changes in any of new themes and designs of interface of the player. It provides you with the option of saving your online music files on your device, for any offline play. The player has got its own integrated music store, for getting new and Top music among the web. With this music player, You have got the ability to save upto 20,000 songs online without any extra subscription of services.

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1. DoubleTwist Music Player

And finally, we’ve reached to the Top most music player of the year and the Best Music Player Apps for Android in . This Player has got feature of updating interface of the player via using online themes or extensions. The Application, itself is free to use at google play store, but it has got some features which needs external plugins which may or may not required paid plugins. It has got Magic Radio, which is a subscription music radio survive, which is not at all a BAD thing. Along with all the extra feature, the app contains the build-in ‘alarm clock’ which can play your favorite song at the time of alarm. But, My recommendation from my own experience is that, “Never set your favorite song as your alarm Tone”, Never.

That’s all from my side. I can assume that you’ve liked this article. Any query or doubt about anything written in the article. Just throw it towards me via comments. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time.