5+ Best Open Source Software Alternatives For Expensive Applications In 2018

Best Open Source Software Alternatives
Best Open Source Software Alternatives

Best Open Source Software Alternatives For Expensive Applications – Professionals love expensive applications like Adobe, Microsoft Windows, Autodesk etc. However, you might not know that there are many best open source software available to replace these expensive ones. There are a lot of best open source software available out there which has the same potential as the traditional over mainstream software. So sit back while we list out some the best open source software for your mac and windows PC.

What is Open source software ?

The main reason why a lot of people like to use the professional software even if they don’t need them is that of their brand names. Many of you might be more comfortable to use Adobe Photoshop instead of Gimp just because it is from Adobe. Open source software aka OSS refers to a piece of program which is developed, tested and improved by public developer collaboration. This program is later distributed to all people under freemium license.

Top Best Open Source Software

We have listed out some of the best open source software according to their type. All these software are free of cost and available to download for multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac or Linux. most popular open source software

Best Open Sorce Software – Music

1. Audacity

Audacity is free digital audio editor and recorder software. It includes some serious features which are only available in some top music editing tools like Fl studio. You can record a video, add multiple songs together, do mixing, set the voice, use normalization, trimming, mixing etc. The best part is that Audacity is available for free on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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2. Amarok

There are multiple music playback options available, but most of them are paid and offer minimal functionalities. Amarok is the best open source software for playing your media files. You can play and manage your audio files at the same time. This feature makes it very convenient. You can also make dynamic playlists, ability to stream music online, context view etc. It is the best replacement for iTunes, and it is available for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

Best Open Sorce Software – Drawing


If you’re looking for a free alternative to AutoCAD, then look no further. BRL-CAD is the best open source software for geometrical editing work. You can do interactive geometry editing, ray tracing, reding different shapes and blueprints, check system performance etc. It’s best for students who are learning architecture. Its avail on multiple platforms with a free public freemium license.

2. Gimp

You would know what photoshop is, right? Gimp is a great and free alternative to Photoshop, and it includes the major  features like layers, photo enhancements, gradients, colour manipulation, digital retouching, manipulation, mapping, and cropping etc

3. Inkscape

Inkscape is another graphic designing software which replaces adobe illustrator for its premium features. Its a professional looking vector designing program and have some quality features like markers, brushes, strokes, clones, alpha blending etc. which is useful for graphic designers. It also has an opensource clipart gallery to create easy flowcharts and use them in your drawings. Its available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS for free.

4. Dia

If You particularly in need of creating flowcharts than Dia is the best open source software for that. It has multiple options to create easy flowcharts and has inbuilt options for various artwork and styles of boxes and elements. Its very easy to use and anyone can make a quick flowchart within minutes. It is available on multiple platforms including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

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Best Open Sorce Software – Office

1. Open Office

Open office is the name we take when someone is looking for a free alternative to Microsoft office. Its a great alternative to many paid professional software like Microsoft office. It’s a complete productivity app and has inbuilt tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, mathematical equations, databases etc. It can open, read and edit any kind of documents. You can also export your work into Microsoft file formats too. Open Office has a great and simple user interface which is similar to Microsoft office. Its available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users for free.

2. Libre Office

Libre Office is another light weighted office productivity software for light users. Open Office is a complete replacement for Microsoft Office. However, Libre office is only focused on people who use it to view their documents. It has the capability to edit them too, but it only offers minimal and important features. The best part is that this software is very small and runs on even low memory. So it is a perfect office companion if you have got a PC with low specifications. Its available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users.

3. PDF Creator

PDF creator is a self-explanatory program as it can read and create PDF files. The main advantage fo this software is that it can create PDF from pint outputs. Let us say you got a document in an email and you want to create a PDF out of it. Simple hit the print button and this program will convert that email into a PDF file so that you can use it even when you’re offline. It is totally free of cost, but it’s only available for Windows PC users.

So, guys, these were some f the best open source software which you can try today to increase the productivity of your work. Let us know which of these you like the best via commenting down below.

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