Top 10 Best (Pay Per Click) PPC Sites Publisher Ad Networks 2018

highest paying pay per click
highest paying pay per click

You can now see the best pay per click sites 2018 where you can get more money and most of are the highest paying pay per click or you can say best PPC Sites on the internet right now. Just go through the article.

You might have heard the term “Make easy money online” and wonder how it works. There are many methods by which you can earn money online, and one of them is by signing up for pay per click sites. These sites will pay for clicking on their offers and advertisements. So you can make money from pay per click sites easily. They include surveys, ads, and polls. You have to participate in those polls and surveys to earn some quick bucks. pay per click websites list

There are many best pay per click sites on the internet. However, most of them turn out to be huge spam. So we looked at many pay per click sites and picked the best pay per click sites in our best pay per click websites list. We have included one of the highest paying pay per click sites in this list, and all of them are trustworthy. Without further delay, let us jump into the list. highest paying pay per click

Highest (PPC) Paying Pay Per Click Sites Of 2018

In this list, we are including the best and highest paying pay per click sites. If you want to make money from pay per click sites then definitely check out these sites. best ppc networks 2018

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1. Bidvertiser

It is a trustworthy PTC network and one of the highest paying PTC sites and ranks No. 1 in our top pay per click websites list. Bidvertiser has different ad types by which you can gain more profit even if you don’t have much traffic. highest paying pay per click

Also, there is no delay for new members. New members can start earning money as soon as they sign up on Bidvertiser. Their Cost per click rate is much higher than other pay per click sites. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal whenever you hit the minimum threshold of $10.

2. Propeller Ads

You can easily make money from Propeller Ads as they are the best PPC networks 2017 and still doing good. Propeller ads are optimized for every unique click which lands you more Cost per click rate than other advertisers. You can choose from CPM, CPA, CPL and CPC model of advertising. Sadly the minimum payment threshold is $100 via PayPal. You can use this model on your website. New members get fast approval even if their websites are new with less traffic.

3. InfoLinks Ads

You might have seen pop-up ads whenever you browse different sites. These popup ads are delivered by Infolinks. Infolinks is one the top popup ads advertiser network and has a great cost per click rates for their advertisements. You can earn a significant amount of money if you have decent traffic. best ppc ad networks

The best thing about this ad network is that it’s visually appealing, so it is more likely to convert into clicks as compared to traditional static ads. After earning the minimum amount of $50, you can cash out via cheque or Paypal.

4. Clicksor Ads

Clicksor ads is a unique advertising program and best ppc network 2018 where you can make huge money with little work. The best thing about Clicksor Ads is their affiliate program where they are giving lifetime ten percent commission to their users. You can easily monetize your websites or apps with Clicksor ads program. However, you need to earn up a minimum amount of $50 for cashout.

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Media Net is emerging as a new alternative to AdSense which is one of the best monetization networks you can opt for. There are different methods by you can earn money like CPM, CPC and CPA advertisements.

The cost per click rates of Media Net ads are very high and comparable to Google Adsense. Their ads work on highest bidding offer, so the publishers get the maximum profit when someone clicks on the ad. However, there are some comebacks too, as you can not cash out your earning until you reach the minimum payment threshold of $250.

6. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one the biggest and most successful monetization network and very popular among bloggers. Everyone wants Adsense Ads on their websites and apps as they generate more money than any other monetization publisher out there. Furthermore, Google Adsense offers the highest cost per millennium rates which is great if you have high traffic. You can easily earn money with Adsense if you have genuine traffic on your online business or blog. However, you need to wait until you earn an amount of $100 as its the minimum payment threshold.

7. AdHitz

Its a great Ad network for beginners out there as its quite easy to understand. They have high quality and audience engaging ads which make it easier to earn more even if you low traffic. However, the downside of using AdHits is that you have to deal with the relatively low cost per click rates as compared to other ad networks. But the good part is that you can cash out your money when it reaches $25 of the minimum payout threshold. best pay per click sites

So, guys, we have come to the end of this pay per click websites list which contains some highest paying pay per click sites so you can earn easy money. Let us know which of these you think is the best.

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