Top 6 Best Pocket Wallet Apps for Android Smartphones !

Best Pocket Wallet Apps
Best Pocket Wallet Apps

Best Pocket Wallet Apps for Android – Wallet is one of those things, that is very important for our daily life needs. Almost everyone carries a bulky wallet. But, there is another way to carry all your money digitally in your mobile phone. There are many Wallet apps available at play store for this purpose. Today, I’m going to talk about Top 10 best pocket wallet apps for android. Lets have a look at them.

List of Top 6 Best Pocket Wallet Apps for Android:

Best Pocket Wallet Apps
Best Pocket Wallet Apps

Although, there are many good and worthy applications out there at Google Play Store. But There are some applications at the top of the list. We’ll have a look at them in this section and know a brief introduction about them.

#1 Paytm – Best Pocket Wallet Apps

Paytm is one of the most famous and popular android wallet application these days. The application provides a simple and easy interface for transferring money form one wallet to other. The user can also transfer all of the wallets to the connected bank account or vice-versa. Which makes this app quite handy and reliable.

#2 FreeCharge

FreeCharge is another mobile wallet, which allows you to keep your money in digital form. You can make easy transactions form the bank to wallet and wallet to the bank account. Although the app charges some fees for each transaction, but the service and quality worth it.

#3 AliPay

Alipay is one of the most famous & Trusted international android application. In a case, you need to make an international transaction from your account. All you need is just Tap on the screen, and this app will help you. The application provides a simple and easy to understand interface.

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#4 Pay-Pal

Pay-Pal is most known money exchange in the international market. The company has huge user Database. But, you need to apply for the sign-up with pay-pal via the app. After all the official connections with your personal details and bank account, they’ll start providing service of the mobile wallet in your device.

#5 eWallet

eWallet is provided by Ilium Software company. You can simply use this application to access all your personal transactions and details of the bank account. Along with this, your sensitive information is kept from the public access. The user can simply use it as the mobile wallet. Understanding the simple User interface will never be a problem.

#6 Key Ring

Key Ring is another android wallet application. The app is designed for the online shoppers, who prefers buying online stuff. You don’t need to carry a pack of digital cards in your back pocket, just tap on your mobile screen and everything you are looking for are in your hands. The more you buy, the more your loyalty level increases and more will be the package offers for you.

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