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Best Power Banks 2018 : From the start of this android Era. When Smartphones carrying android OS started getting more and more popular. The new problems regarding the Smartphones started to rise up. These Problems are not always Software related problems. They arise basically due to the HARDWARE and SOFTWARE compatibility in the smartphones. Due to this major flaw of compatibility. The designed hardware of the smartphones behaves very poorly.

The Hardware life became very low. Similar things happen with the Battery of the phone. Due to this incompatibility of software and hardware, The battery life of the smartphones is very low. If you compare a normal battery life of an Android smartphone with the Traditional Nokia 1100 or any other classic set. You’ll find that there is a great difference of battery life. The battery worked out 4-5 days in classic sets, while in the new smartphones, it only can sustain few hours of battery life.

Top 5 Best Power Banks

People are crazy for top 10 power bank 20000mah. But, here we are providing you with the top selected crazily powerful power banks. Which can charge your phone up to a long time. And, you can make your life much better by using them – ‘cuz you don’t need to keep stuck with the power socket of your home.Power Bank Users Manuals is very important for us its provide right guide for users.

Even when you buy, The best technology smartphone These days. you’ll find that battery still is an issue in the phones. As it hardly sustains 1 Day battery backup. Personally, I like the Old classic mobile phones. Because I prefer quality over Unwanted Quantity. But, if you are an Android user. Then you need to know about these Best Top 5 Power Banks. Which may increase a bit of phone life and make your life little easier and relaxed.

 Top 5 Best Power Banks | 2018

Let’s Talk about the Top 5 Best Power Banks, that are out there in the market. We’ll talk about the best ones. Because There are many other fake and low-quality power banks out there. You should take a close look at them, before making the payment.

#5. PNY BE-740

PNY BE-740 has a unique attractive name. The Power bank also has a great attracting power capacity of 10400 mAH. This much huge power is packed in a very economic designed case. It can easily fit into your pocket. It includes the unique LED indicator for the battery percentage in the power bank.Top 5 Best Power Banks

#4. Hako Pb200

Hako is one of the top power Bank manufacturers. This has a great capacity to hold charging. The Power capacity of this Power bank is about 20000 mAH. The awesome thing about this power bank is that it can charge up to 3 Smartphones at a time.Hako Pb200 Best Power Banks

#3. Anker PowerCore

Another awesome Power bank for your Device. It has an amazing capacity of 20100 mAH. So, you can charge up to 7-8 smartphones with it. The Power bank includes two output ports. So, you can charge max. 2 smartphones at a single time.anker-powercore-best power banks

#2. MI Power bank

One of the well-known smartphone making company also provides the Power bank to the customers. Because they know about the major problems with the currently developed smartphones. So, They come with a handy Solution. The MI Power bank carries a total capacity of 16000 mAH. It seems to be lower than others. But it has its own benefits.MI-power-bank-Best

#1. Corseca DMB2056

The Top of all smartphones power banks. This one is on the #1 position. This is only because of the reason that it has a Huge Power capacity of 20000 mAH. And it can charge up to 8 Phones in a row. The battery percentage indicator also helps a lot.Corseca-DMB2056-2016-best-power banks

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At last, I hope that you’ll like this Article about Best Power Bank | 2018. And You’ll try and see for yourself about the different ranking of the Power banks. If you are in any doubt. Please Through a comment at us. We’ll try to help you out. Thanks.