Top 6 Best QR / Bar Code Scanner Apps for Android in 2017

Top 6 Best QR & Bar Code Scanner Apps for Android in 2017
Top 6 Best QR & Bar Code Scanner Apps for Android in 2017

In this era of Digitization. Money, accessories etc. has got their digital faces along with the Hard form. As in this time of Demonetization in India, people started paying off their bills via digital money. So, these QR & Bar Code scanner apps for Android becomes very important and effective. In this article, I’m gonna talk about Top 6 QR & Bar code scanner Apps for Android Devices.

List of Best 6 QR & Bar code scanner apps for Android :

Top 6 Best QR & Bar Code Scanner Apps for Android in 2017So, Today I’ll explain the Top 6 QR & Bar Code Scanning Android Applications. Which will help you in understanding and accommodating with the current digitization of the world. So, You can know and understand these codes easily. Lets have a Look at them.

#1. Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is a simple, easy to use and one of the most famous BarCode Scanning application at the Play Store. It has got 4.7 rating out of 5. Whenever you’ll scan any application’s Bar code from it. It’ll give the information about the code format, type, time. This application is free, and you can use it to scan either BarCode or QR code.

#2. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

Another amazing application for helping you out with information you need. But, Unlike the Previous application we talked about. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner can only scan QR codes. The best thing about this application is that, it will protect you from any malicious QR code. which can harm / misuse sensitive information stored in your device. Due to this security check, Its performance of scanning the QR Code is not that much fast. But, The security feature worth it.

#3. QR Droid

Amazing Android application for Scanning the Barcodes & Qr-codes, but you can as well as generate your own Bar Codes / QR Codes by using this application. You can send any information (contacts, bookmarks and installed apps etc.) from your android device by encoding it into QR Codes / Bar Code. And then send it to your peers.

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#4. NeoReader

A Creation of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. Like all other Scanning applications, NeoReader can also Scan Both QR codes / Bar Codes. The special thing that made it 4 in our ranking of Top 6 QR & Bar code scanner apps for android in 2017, is the size of this application. NeoReader is only of 4 MB of andoird applciation, which performs a neat and clean operation of scanning the QR codes / Bar Codes. The Small and efficient app for your device.

#5. Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a cool and utility based android application. Like all other scanning applicaitons it scans Bar codes / QR codes, but it is capable of doing much more than just scanning the codes. You just need to take a picture of

  • products,
  • famous landmarks,
  • storefronts,
  • artwork,
  • popular images found online.

 To find their location in real world. You can simply translate any language into English, Just need to click an image of the phrase.

#6. QuickMark

QuickMark is a creation of SimpleAct Inc. It secures its 6th position, only due to its amazing feature of scanning multiple QR codes / Bar codes from the camera. And it can process all the complex information in an instance of time. The Bulk Scanning feature saves a lot of time in many scenarios. It becomes very easy to Scan, create, share your QR / Bar Codes via this amazing application.

So, That’s all from my side about Top 6 QR & Bar code scanner apps for Android | 2017. You can choose any of these applications, which seems fit for your own purpose.

That’s all I got. And, I hope that you would like this Article. Any Question or doubt regarding this article is most welcome. Ask them in the comment field below. I would like to answer them. Thanks.