10+ Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Users 2020

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android
Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android

Hi guys, here we come with a fascinating article that is “Top 10 Best Selfie Camera app for Android Devices”. The craze of taking selfies is not new; we all have been taking selfies since the camera become common in our life. Now the days, smartphones are coming with high-resolution front facing the camera, some phones are specially made for taking selfies.

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android – Now the time we all have android phones with high- resolution front-facing camera that comes with 16 MP or more. But the stander camera comes in between 5 MP to 8 MP.

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It is showing us how the selfies craze is going popular day by day. The main reason behind taking selfies is a social media platform; peoples are a craze for social media. They spend their minimum of 2 hours a day; millions of peoples are posting their new photos on social media sites.

List of Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Device in 2020:-

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android
Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android

If you are reading this article, that means you are also crazed for taking selfies. And you are looking best selfies application that makes your photo better. So here we have listed Top 10 best selfies taking apps for an Android smartphone. There are fantastic apps that make your photo much better. So let’s check them out below, and I hope you will like it.

1). B612

B612 is one of the best and viral these days for taking selfies. There are so many features for fun that you will not find anywhere in other selfie apps. In this app, you can make the excellent video clip with sound, just press and hold the record button for recording.

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This app also supports rear a camera that means you can record video through your rare camera as well. There are so many excellent filters in these selfie apps which you can choose or download according to your taste. But trust me, it has excellent filters which you can use while clicking photos or recording videos.

2). Beauty Plus

Beauty plus is one of the best apps for taking selfies, and I am personally suggesting you install this app on your smartphone. This app has a positive rating on Google play store and has the best reviews by the user.

This app also adds a radiant complexion for awesome faces and photos. There is a skin-smoothing makeover tool that helps you to retouch the skin tone and make your photo more impressive. It has one more tool for you that is blemish remover; with this tool, you can easily remove your pimples and other skin marks.

3). FotoRus

FotoRus is another best application for an android device for taking selfies. This app will click your photo in high resolution. There are so many filters that will make your selfie photo into an excellent photo. The best feature of this app that every selfie you will take on this app.

You can make a profile picture on your Facebook or Instagram account without cropping. In this app, you will get so many awesome frames for making a collage, and you can put text on it as well. The size of this file is 42 MB; you can easily install it on your Android phone for free.

4). YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best and excellent apps for making the selfies awesome. There are a lot of effects which make you make your photo better. This app is also detecting multiple faces while clicking the selfies, which means you click selfies in groups. You can also make fresh video clips by using lots of filters for making it awesome.

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It will instantly choose the beautification level according to the weather. There are lot more tools like skin smoother, which automatically dry your skin, makeup tool that will remove your wrinkles, pimples, and fine lines. The best feature is that you can easily cut the background and use the new experience to make the photo better, just like a green screen.

5). Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is Best Selfie Taking Apps for those who want to take selfies manually. With this app, you can remove your pimples; face retouching also changes your hair or hair color and lots more. You can too clear or whiten your teeth; it will convert your photo into the model.

For girls, this app is beneficial because this app has more than 18 makeup tools that help you to customize your photo; you can change a shadow, lipstick color, liner, and more. This app is available in the Apple app store; yes, this is only available for I phone users.

6). Retrica

Retrica is the most popular application on google play store with positive feedback. This application is my personal favorite because I am using retrica in my pc since 2010. You can click awesome photos with high filters, make a collage, videos and GIF as well.

There is also a stamp option that you can stamp your picture with replica’s original stamp or use more other marks. You can instantly upload pictures on social media platforms by retrica.

7). Sweet Selfie

Sweet selfie is another trendy selfie camera that most of the peoples are using on their phones. It takes beauty selfie within a second with an excellent filter. On this app, you can also use emojis and stickers on your photo while taking selfies.

You can set the timer for a better click with filter or emoji and also support the selfie stick. So if you are looking for the best selfie camera that has a lot of filter effects and emojis, then install it on your Android device.

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8). oSnap

oSnap is not so much famous and also not useful in the photo editing app, but there is one benefit that it is taking selfies to go well. In case you are going somewhere and you want to take selfies on the go, this app is perfect for you.

You can take selfies with your front-facing camera and rear camera too. This app offers you to tap anywhere on the screen for taking selfies. You can click anywhere on the screen, and it will make your picture easily.

9). Best

Best is another not so popular, but it is the Best Selfie Taking Apps you ever use on your Android phone. It has so many fabulous features that make you picture much better. There are professional photographic filters that you can use to make the picture better.

It also detects your face automatically and adds a glow to your facial skin. It is developed by camera 360 a, and you get it from Google play store for free.

10). Candy Camera

Candy camera is another one of the popular selfies camera app available in Google play store for the android device. 2 million peoples are using this application per day. It has a real-time filter option that allowing you to see pictures with a filter before clicking.

There are 100 plus different filters that you can use before or after taking pictures. This app is also free to use and get it from Google play store for free.