Top 10 Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming Online !

Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming
Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming

Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming – The computer has become an important part of our daily life. So, The computer programming is a valuable knowledge to gain. Coding and Programming have become the main criteria for selection in interviews. You can find many online websites, which can teach you about computer programming. But, Today I am going to talk about Top 10 Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming. Let’s have a look at them.

Top 10 Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming:

Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming
Best Sites To Learn Coding and Programming

The List contains a brief introduction of Top Computer programming teaching websites. They are genuine and verified sources to learn online, and most of them are free. Start with the First one.

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#1 CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is one of the most famous and known web online learning platform. This website provides all basic video courses for learning computer programming. But the user interface helps in learning the course more easily. You can test your code in an online testing module.

#2 Udemy

Udemy is my favourite web platform to learn anything, including computer programming. They provide almost all programming courses for a very small and reasonable prize. Almost every course includes few of Video lectures. And you can anything in the matter of few hours.

#3 GitHub

GitHub is another programming platform for the worldwide programmers. But, Unlike other online learning websites – GitHub don’t provide any courses. Although you can learn from the work of other programmers. They share their source code with each other for free.

#4 MIT Open Courseware

The one of the top university MIT has opened all of the learning content for the web audience. So, Now anyone can learn and explore the new ideas and basics. They provide almost everything related to studies, engineering and other courses including computer programming.

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#5 Code Avengers

Code Avengers has got an awesome unique name, as their content quality and fields are also unique and wide. They are based in New Zealand, proving everyone with free and fun courses to learn computer programming. The courses too are available in various different languages, for the sake of easiness for users.

#6 Code School

Code School is an advance level for sharpening your Computer programming skills. i.e. After you learn the basics of any programming language, you must come here and attend their video lecture on in-depth advance knowledge of the course. The interactive environment will help you in understanding the concept better.

#7 Treehouse

TreeHouse is again one of my favourite online programming lecturing websites. They provide quality courses with proper analysis and testing platforms. You can select your course and complete the assigned project. As They provide more project-based courses than programming oriented courses.

#8 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is no different than CodeAcademy and TreeHouse. They also provide all basic programming language course for you to learn. They don’t properly adopt any specific programming language, but their code is flexible enough to convert into any other form.

#9 Scratch 2.0

Scratch 2.0 is the advanced online version of a previous offline version. It allows you and your kid to learn to program with soft and layman English. This program is specially designed for newbies and non-technical people, who are new to computer programming.

#10 The CodePlayer

The Last, but not the least. The CodePlayer is another player in the Top 10 list of computer programming series. They provide interactive presentations to teach programming, and after becoming a professional – you can also add your slides on the site to teach and earn programming easily.

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