10 Cool Snapchat Tricks that you din’t know About | 2018

10 Cool Snapchat Tricks that you din't know About | 2017
10 Cool Snapchat Tricks that you din't know About | 2017

10 Snapchat Tricks 2018: Snap Inc., the parent company of the popular photo-messaging and storytelling app Snapchat, is is immensely popular today with more than 2 billion snaps sent every day. It is not only one of the most used social media taking over its competitors fast but also making its place in the physical market as it began selling Spectacles, sunglasses that can record video clips, which have become one of the most demanded gadgets of the season.

Snap, which is based far outside the Silicon Valley bubble, in the Venice neighbourhood of Los Angeles, is pushing radically new ideas about how humans should interact with computers. Snapchat has made it easier than ever to share every detail of your life minute-by-minute by each time implementing new things to make it more viable. It is an addictive app I must say with allot of features. The basic features like clicking a photo or taking a video are the easy part but other things take the time to understand as it gets complex.

10 Best Cool Snapchat Tricks You Didn’t Know About :

Let’s just say, Even if you end up learning the usual features, there are still some more extra features which we will be telling you! No Jailbreak & No rooting needed.

#1 Custom Text (Font, Style, Color)

Want a fancy text to add in your snaps ?  Stand out from others and make amazing snaps with never seen before fonts and colours and text styles. In order to do so, follow the steps:

  • Open browser in  your phone
  • Go to : https://starfi.github.io/
  • Enter text >> Select font >> Select font size
  • Press Go and simply copy and paste the new text in your snap chat
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This one is definitely a new one for many of you, which you may never have heard about. So if your one of those few who use it then has to be the coolest Snapchat Tricks to make impressive snaps.Next Level Tricks

#2 Unlimited Text

Snapchat allows you to just write one liner text on your photos but sometimes you just need to convey what you need to convey. So in order to write unlimited text, Follow the steps:

  • Open your notes app
  • Press Return key 3-4 times
  • Select all the blank lines
  • Open Snapchat, Paste it in your caption’s text bar

Now you will be able to write unlimited for that particular snap. (Refer the Pic Below)

#3 Extra Colored Filter

Now this is something genius, you can add emoji’s to your snaps, right? and you can zoom then and place them anywhere. So this trick uses the same formula, all you have to do is find the emoji which has a border of the colour you want to have your filter as. Zoom that emoji to extreme and shift it out of the screen till it leaves a fade of its border colour which will act as a filter. Well, certainly whoever found one was really creative with his emojis as this one of the most coolest Snapchat Tricks out there. (Refer the pic below – Red tint)

#4 Tap to Record

In order to record a video, one needs to constantly hold the button for 10 seconds, but if you want a solution to record hands-free for 8 seconds then it is possible! Only for iPhone users, though. So follow the steps to use the trick:

  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Under General, Go to Accessibility
  • Then scroll down to Assistive touch and enable it
  • After Assistive touch is enabled, tap it and select Custom (Star)
  • After that, you will see Boxes with a + sign. You need to press one of those boxes to add a new gesture
  • Hold down your finger near about the same position, where the snap chat camera button is.
  • Save the new gesture and decide how you want to active it
  • Now on your snap chat app, as you activate this gesture. It will record itself for 8 secs. Handsfree.
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This is by far the most amazing Snapchat Tricks in terms of use of your phone’s simple feature.

#5 Use More Colours to draw

The Snapchat colour bar has all the rainbow colours, but why to stop just there? What about using black or white or a shade of blue or red? So to do so, scroll on the colour palette and then drag your finger to the upper left of the screen without lifting it & the extreme bottom left To create black. If you scroll through the pallet and drag your finger in the middle of the screen you will get shades of that colour. (Refer the pic below – Black & White)

#6 Use 3-4 Filters in a Single Snapchat

So you want to add your city filter but then you also want to show your friends the temperature here while having that sepia filter on. So how do you do that? It’s pretty simple. Follow the steps:

  • When you click a picture or Record a Video
  • Slide to a filter, Keep holding the screen.
  • Then while holding on, Slide again to apple a second filter , and you can repeat that once more.
  • Moreover, you can use trick #3 to make an additional filter.

#7 Use Old Lenses

Snapchat brings out creative new lenses every day but sometimes your favourite lens vanishes due to such updates. But not to worry, it is very simple to bring back your favourite filter which was a few days back available. Simply, change the date & time settings in your phone and restart the application. Turn off automatic update of time & date , this way you will have that lense with yourself.

#8 Create your own GeoFilter

If you are artistic , you can actually get your own geo filter by creating one and submitting to the snap chat team which will then review it and let you know if its good to go! So to get one, follow the steps

  • Go to https://www.snapchat.com/geofilters/submit.html
  • Download the official template for the filter
  • Design your filter
  • Go to the link mention above, and follow up with the steps
  • Upload the filter, Set the location on the map and wait for it is reviewed.
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Bingo! Now you have your own filter, in your area if it is successfully accepted.

#9 Take Screenshot or view snap without notifying other’s

There can be various reasons as to why one would take a screenshot of a snap, well snap chat obviously notifies the other person but if you don’t want to another person to know then what do you do ?

  • Load the person’s snap or story
  • Don’t open it but put the phone on aeroplane mode
  • Now you view it or take screenie
  • Clear the cache and restart the app and your good to put your internet back on.

#10 Record other’s Snap story or Snapchat video

Well, this one uses a third party app but then hey its not one of those snapchat hack apps where you ut your login and stuff. Easy stuff ! Just use a screen recorder app. We have done an article on how to screen record on iphone and on android such apps are readily available. This  is just one those Snapchat Tricks which you need to use incase you wish to save someone’s cool story or be it whatever.

Next Level Tricks

From the editor’s desk:

These are 10 cool Snapchat Trick for you to have an impact over your snaps. These tricks won’t get you in any trouble because these are from the inbuilt features of the phone, no use of any illegal method. No jailbreak, No root. Very easy to follow up with them and create great snapchats. Hope you like these tricks and if you face any problem, Just comment below.