Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad | 2017

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone: Nowadays there is no limit to how many apps are released almost every month and most apps are looking to take out the existing competitive app, which makes modern day apps so advanced and a plenty of them offers specific exclusive features. E.g.: Adding music to a video or slideshow or wanting to put transitions and filters. Because honestly, No-one wants to watch that original and the same old 20-30 minutes video unless it catches attention with effects or transitions and stuff.Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone | 2016

All that can be taken care of you just need the right tools which we will help you decide when you read our list of the Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

List of Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone :

Everyone needs a good video editor app whether you are filming something intense or just making things blend into the world of social media by adding a meme or whatever. So without any further a do let’s start with our top 10 list for best video editing apps for iPhone.

1.) iMovie

Considered an essential on iOS, iMovie is apples own video editor. iMovie is Strong on the mac but also impressively strong and similar to the mac on the OSs. The app helps you make style trailers, beautiful movies with such simplicity that it just feels amazing using it. Moreover, you can also use it to add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your work of art even with 4k video content it renders perfectly in high quality, which you can share easily with family or friends. It is highly compatible hence making it on the top of Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone in my opinion.

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2.) Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle studio pro is for pros. If you want to move up in the game with some fine editing features and want to take things to the next level, then this is the app for you. It is no bullshit, the editor has been there since forever on the desktop and it has allotted of features and if the company made an app after so long then there must be something packed in it too especially when they charge you $12.99 for it. It truly deserves top spot the Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone.

3.) Quik (Formerly known as Replay)

It was an Instagrammers app, by that I mean that it was good to create small 15 secs content quickly without any hassle. Even as of now it matches everyone’s basic requirement to creative a video within minutes over your iPhone.  Select media > pick a theme and there you go Boom! Now you have something to post over social media. Of course one can edit it with more details by adding the filters, titles or by trimming. The apps is now owned by GoPro and since then there have been more options to select from in order to style your video and the in-app purchases have decreased.

4.) Splice

A free app which lets you select different clips which you can edit individually and create a stunning end result with use of text, transitions, and filters; speed and etc. which can be set accordingly. Splice allows you to put in and blend in some tracks and voiceovers. Just a few taps achieve all this. The feature toggles and user’s face might feel a bit too filled but otherwise, this app is amazing.

5.) Video Toolbox – Video Editing Tools All In One

The app claims to have All tools you need to create/edit videos are in one app. It is very much just like a professional video editor; you can easily cut a long video into many parts, and join the wanted parts to the final video. This Video Editor has Very intuitive user interface to arrange video clips, pictures, texts, and 30+ transitions for you to create awesome videos, 20+ amazing subtitle styles and feature to add music and add your own watermark!

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6.) FilmoraGo for iOS

A magical video editor which lets you create amazing small clips with videos and images. It has a simple user face and easy to deal with. FilmoraGo has many themes to select from and within a few taps, you can create a movie. It also features the direct sharing to your social media groups and other platforms, which you like most.

7.) Magisto

This app is more like an automated editor. Magistos formula is simple to just get hands on a bunch of images, pick a theme and music to it, and rest is all miracles. The app will automatically add animations and stuff to make it look as if you spent some serious time in editing it. With new update, this app has allotted of things to choose from and its bliss to use. It has some IAP’s, which lets you edit longer videos and etc.

8.) Adobe Premiere clip

Adobe is not a new name when it comes to creating something creative. Premieres is a boss for the desktops or laptops and to see adobes product on phone is unusual but hey they are a company and do need to compete. Well the app isn’t packed with feature likes its desktop version but it a quick way to edit and combine clips together and create a nice simple movie.  But Premiere Clip gives you a straightforward means of arranging clips and exporting the result.  Its render and the user’s face is fast so its very comfortable to work on.

9.) Videoshop

Videoshop Is an easy video editor with fast editing tools, filters and many other effects for personalizing your videos. Its has many features which include trimming, add music from library, add sound effects , make the video into slow motion or fast.  Moreover, lets you blend 2 videos with transitions and titles and allot more stuff. it has a very nice look to it and definitely worth editing on for daily simple edits.

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10.) Funimate: video editor and perfect lip sync effects

Funimate is the easiest to use and most fun video editor app for creating awesome video edits. You don’t have to be an expert, Funimate instantly transforms an everyday moment into a creative video with + More than 20 advanced video effects.  it is like the similar concept of a musically or so but with insane effects. It is only in this app that you’ll find such easy filters and effects. With a click, it turns the video into something mesmerizing. If your looking it up your social media views on your personal videos or just looking to have fun edits then this is the best video editing app for iPhone for you.