Top 10 Best Video Editing Software Tools Must be used in 2017

Best Video Editing Software Tools
Best Video Editing Software Tools

Best Video Editing Software: Technology is improving and advancing daily, so is the creative sense and imagination of people. It is easier than ever for creative content makers to shoot high definition videos. Long are the times when you spent a huge amount of camera to record HQ content, Today even a decent smartphone can take 4k HD video for you. For all the footage you may have collected for creating a story or a movie clip all that wouldn’t be possible without a video editing software. Video editing software allows one to have more power & gives advanced abilities to stand out from the rest. So it is safe to say that you should only use the ones which are the best video editing software in the game.

Realising the fact that creating a short film which was considered somewhat like a rocket science, is so easy do deal with in the modern times. It the power of these video editing software , whose developers spends hours on improving user’s face, so that everyone can use their product and make great content. So out in the market, there are many video editing software, but why not settle for the best especially when it is something which gives you the power to express your creativity and full potential. So I’ll be telling you about top 10 best video editing software.Best Video Editing Software Tools

List of Top 10 Best Video Editing Software :

The list is carefully made keeping in mind all aspects, first being the features, the price you pay and other stuff in comparison.

#1 Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s own proud product. I know this might be a bit surprising but yes! Final cut pro may not be as feature loaded as others out there but you can do allot on here if you’re on a mac then this software will run as smooth as a knife on butter. It has a very simple user face and trusts me even a beginner will pick up within a weeks time.

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Which is why most video content makers on youtube use it, as it brings the main powerful features at such simple user face. It has special things like Capable multi cam help. Fast, for 64-bit and multicore support, Magnetic, trackless timeline. Compound clips. Auditions for alternative clips and very well organised. It is truly the best video editing software out there in the market but that does come at a price of $299.99.

#2 Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe as a brand are on top when it comes to making graphic designs or edits, so they do have powerful video editor as well which has a simple interface, creative cloud Online and has a allot of Guided Edits both basic and advanced edits. Adobe premier pro is Loaded with allot of video effects and other things you can do from Audio editing tool to what not. The coolest thing is that it allows you to work and integrate with After effects & PS, so you can really make some top quality content on here.

#3 Cyberlink PowerDirector

Powerful tool with a brilliant workflow & excellent design that helps one to easily make professional level video edits with a well-balanced pack of features which is easy for everyone to use without loosing any quality. To come on the list for best video editing software. PowerDirector does well in competition with others in the field, by adding various tools and a great rendering speed. Cyberlink keeps updating the user face, each time just making it better and simpler. It does have a traditional source and split preview with the time alone with the width of the bottom of the screen.

#4 Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel is feature-packed, period. It got everything, just about everything which you can ask for, just about previous update when they added Multicam and multi-point motion tracking it do tell its consumer that don’t worry, we are there for you. Corel video editor comes at 2 levels, Pro and Ultimate, which you can select as per your use and your pocket. Both are powerful but obviously ultimate takes the win by adding support to much high-quality content makers.

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#5 Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro is up in the game with early support to 4K, 360-degree content, and multi-cam editing. The software has a nice dark interface with allot of video effects & efficient tools and provides with a good movie like templates. But just like many in the genre, magic pro is 64-bit video editing software, so you can really just push it. It is a bit slow in comparison but the updated version promises faster renders.

#6 Sony Vegas pro

Sony vegas is also another professional and totally worth of being the best video editing software out there. Its tool & effects were amazing already and with updates, it only got better and better with more and more features. It is a Very advanced software which produces high-quality results and great video edits. Sony vegas pro might be a bit expensive but that’s up to you to decide if you find the worth. Some of its features such as strong effects, support for iOS devices , 3D editing, 4K video support, multi-track audio environment, amazing media management, DVD Layout and Design along while previewing.

#7 Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle is a wonderful video editor with a Loads of effects. Good operating options with support for 4k videos and very high-performance ratings. From titles to audio, it does have a wonderful user face to work on. It is more for simpler works and basic, as it does lack some features which its competitors hold. It is no doubt very easy and great to make great clips but if you then compare with final cut pro, they take the game much higher in professional video editing game.

#8 iMovie

iMovie does come installed with macs since 2011. iMovie is simple & it is Beautiful. Loads of templates to select from with Color matching to suit the movie theme. Easy transfer and useful tools for audio, just by the design it takes a lead from all others but yes if you are looking to do some professional work, iMovie isn’t feature loaded like many in this genre are. For example, still, no support for 3d and motion tracking are the few things holding it back in the list. If you are looking for something easy to go with, like simple edits and easy template work then iMovie maybe the best video editing software for you.

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#9 Nero 2017 video

Nero is a respectable brand name for Playing media content, burning and blue ray. High-quality results as it has the fairly good amount of advanced video editing features and effects. It is not expensive as others in the list, and maybe that is why is isn’t so powerful like others video editing software. It does lack of supporting 4k, motion tracking and some features but the software which do have them features cost double-triple the price of Nero.

#10 Roxio Creator NXT 5 pro

Roxio Creator NXT is a very well built and thought out video editing tool which might be having the only exclusive features to have tools for editing video, audio, images and more which are absolutely fantastic. But this topic is purely for video editing, so the capabilities Roxio hold as a video editor are pretty advance even though it might just not let you reach that epitome of your imagination due to lack of a few features.

From the Editors Desk:

So here is the top 10 best video editing software, I must say all of them are respectfully good and do justice to being on this list. The software you choose honestly depends on you. Your requirements, your pocket and the worth you find in it. Everyone one of them is easily available to download online at ease of a few clicks. If you ask us, the final cut pro does well for many and it does create some professional output, something in the midrange and easy on the pocket would be the premier pro which is available for both mac & PC. Let us know what you think about the list in the comments!