10+ Best Video Cutter Software For Windows and Mac PC (2020)

Free Best Video Trimmer Tools for Windows & MAC
Free Best Video Trimmer Tools for Windows & MAC

Videos are the most interactive way of entertainment inside the virtual world of computers. As everyone has Access to computers these days. So, Almost all of them must know the power of this dummy Box. Which can perform almost all tasks that you can think of?

Modifying video clips for fun, or some professional project. Video editing has become a very important knowledge of the current world scenario. Although, there are many free and paid tools for video Trimming and editing. But, we will deal with only those which are on the top of the list.

 Free Best Video Trimmer Tools for Windows & MAC
Free Best Video Trimmer Tools for Windows & MAC

The Digital world is full of videos & other multimedia data. And, we constantly need to Manipulate & Edit Photos, edit videos either online or offline. We need various tools for that purpose. And, here in this article – I’ve filtered out some of those top tools which can help you in making your project more beautiful and attractive.

Video editing, Video Cutting, Video mixing and much more is simply possible with the Computer in your hand. All you need to do is to install the proper tools for this purpose. I’ve tried many video Editors for enhancing my Facebook, YouTube videos. So, Today I’m going to share all my knowledge about Best Video Trimming tools today with all of you. Sit tight and let the ride begin.

List of Top Best Video Cutter Tools You can Use for Cutting Videos:

There are many Video Trimming tools are available online. But, I like a few of them and also Because of the public downloads – They’ve got some ranking. So, Today we’ll have a look at the list of Top 10 Best Video Trimmer tools.

#1. Lightworks

Lightworks is a free Video Trimmer tool for all types of video editing operations. The Amazing User interface of the program makes it quite easy and simple to navigate through commands. The search option helps in finding the required command a lot.

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This is not those small programs – which you’ll learn in one day. Its professional kind of output requires patience and consistent learning from the user. So, Do watch proper tutorials – before using it in your projects. The time you’ll spend learning it, will worth its potential in the projects.

#2. AVS Video Trimmer tool

AVS Video Editor tool is another simple, but effective video editing tool. It also has a simple and easy to understand User interface. All the options are for video editing are given at the top of the program. So, it becomes easy to navigate through options.

Its output is quick, Professional looking and High quality. You can render different sizes of frame, frame rate and various platforms like apple, android, YouTube, etc. The Quick settings options help in setting up things very quickly. The program supports almost all possible video formats with various bitrates. You can add dual audio tracks to your videos too.

#3. Windows Movie Maker

An official Video trimming tool From Microsoft, Windows Movie Maker is a Personal usage-based program. It is available to use for free. You can get it from any official source online. Although, It seems like – in the latest windows 10 version of windows – this one os not so much compatible.

The Simple and clean User interface and Drag-Drop of the files and operation properties in the project make it easy to create final output like a professional. You can also add themes and properties, effects in your project to make it look more attractive.

#4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a Pro based Video editing program. It is used in the professional industry to handle various video projects. It allows a user to do almost any operation on the video. So, you can easily achieve your goal. but, Learning such software is not a task of one night.

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You need to understand the various terminology of the videos before starting working on the program. It contains hell lot of options for each type of operation you want to do on your video project.

#5. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is an amazing program, with two basic user modes – one in which you can select a newbie and another one for pro users. Both modes are for the sake of the comfort of the user while working with the program. This feature is kind of cool. As it allows us to slowly move from Newbie to pro-level in video editing.

The user interface is clean and nice similar to the Lightworks program. But, this one has little fewer options than it. But, it supports almost all of the video formats available out there. So, Start working on with VideoPad Video Editor.

#6. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the program, that you must have heard about – if you are going in the video editing industry. This one is definitely going to come in your way. Because this one is used by professionals to edit movies and video clips.

The program is originally developed by apple. And, like all Apple products – this one has got an amazingly attractive user interface. Which makes it easy to use this program. The easy key – combos for each operation provides a useful and important time control over the completion of the project.

#7. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Sony Vegas Movie Studio is one of the Best Video Trimmer Tools out there. It uses very fewer system resources while rendering your video project. You can apply multiple operations at once. And, the attractive user interface makes it all possible in minimum time.

It is the little brother of the ultimate ‘Sony Vegas Pro’. Which is a highly pro-level program for video or movie editing, trimming, modifying, etc. It contains fewer options than Vegas Pro, But – all are necessary for the small video operations. If you are looking for a real duck, You should have a look at Sony Vegas pro too.

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#8. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is another very famous and one of the Best video Trimmer Tools out there. It is a very widely used program for video manipulations. The awesome User interface and the ultimate Drag and Drop features of Projects files, operations on the files, Makes it much more efficient. You can use it for your small projects. And, you’ll not regret your decision.

#9. VSDC Free Video Trimmer

VSDC Free Video Editor is not a very much famous and known video trimmer program. But, it comes with the pre-defined templates to perform specific operations on the projects. And, The drag and drop User-interface makes it quite easier to navigate through options.

So, You don’t need to do a proper course for learning to use it. Make one or two projects with this Video trimmer and you’ll get used to it. This is one of those simple and useful programs, which don’t need you to take any extra headaches to achieve its goal.

#10. CyberLink PowerDirector

Last, But not least. CyberLink PowerDirector is another Best Video Trimmer in the Top List of Best Video Trimmer tools out there. The amazingly beautiful User interface, Enhanced Hardware acceleration for Faster and clean render. Without any, audio-video lag makes it a very good choice for the projects. It supports almost all video output formats and you can make the professional-looking video programs using it. I bet, that you’ll never regret your choice after using it for your video projects.

From Editor’s Desk

Although There are more Trimmers – those are of good quality and worth to add into the list. But, due to the pre-occupancy of ranks. We can’t talk about all of them together. Otherwise, the article will become a book for video trimming lessons. (Kidding) You can select the best-suited trimmer from this list for your application.

In the end, I would like to ask you for any doubts or suggestions that you want to give – related to this article. I won’t charge anything for asking a question. So, Feel free to comment below.