Top 6 Best VLC Alternatives to Play Movies & Songs !

Best VLC Alternatives
Best VLC Alternatives

Here we came to say about the best five VLC Alternative these are free and an open source multipurpose media player. Which will give you a superb media player that everyone wants in his or her laptop or PC. These are free and some are an even ad-free interface and also support many various types of media formats and media streaming etc.

some are looking for VLC alternatives because they might feel that VLC are not lightweight enough or you may not like the design and UI or you may like to experience something new than VLC.

Then here we came to give you some few alternatives of VLC media player which will give you a very new experience and they have even very simple to use and also support media formats. And you can also able to create playlist easily. Hope this will help you. It is the best free alternative to VLC player you ever got.

Top 6 best VLC alternatives to Enjoy Media Files

Here is the list of few media players which are alternative to the famous VLC Media Player. Although, it is a great player to enjoy media files on your computer – sometimes you need to have few alternatives. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


MPC (media player classic) HC (home cinema). This is the combination of media player and home cinema which will provide you wide support and minimalistic design. This will give you simple UI and very new features that will find you in new generation media player as well like its native support for Matroska, VCD, DVD playback and you can play MP2, 3GP, AC3, DTS audio etc. this player is too lightweight and too efficient especially when it comes to handling media files.

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Best VLC Alternatives
Best VLC Alternatives

MPC-HC has really minimal system requirements so let allow it to run tool in any window PC. It has the minimal design with most powerful features.

#2 5kPlayer

5K player is one of the best media alternatives to VLC Media Player. You can stream media from iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. ANd, the player supports almost all of the media extensions such as mp4,mp3, Ogg,m4v and etc. You can also stream online media from this layer. And, the built-in radio feature will add more to its beauty. And, the best thing is – The player is free available online. You can find more information about windows and mac guides on their official website.

#3 RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer Cloud is another alternative of VLC media player with a twist! You can also make cloud in this player and while watching your video and can also able to share your video in your cloud space, which can be further accessed from any other devices. RealPlayer Cloud can able to stream your HDTV or some big screen using corresponding apps or can able to chromecast it. You will also get a feature where you can easily make bookmarks what you want.

RealPlayer Cloud has quite simplified way that there is nothing to do with video upload and sync. This all will happen in the background, you just have to sit and relax. This app will give you a wide range of support for devices and platforms. You will get around 365 GB space to keep your video in this Realplayer cloud.GOM Media Player

#4 GOM Media Player

GOM media player straight comes from GOM lab which will give you wide varieties of media formats including video and audio. GOM player will play almost every kind of media file smoothly. This GOM media player offers in built support to various different types of media format like AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, and almost every media format.

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This GOM player is a very advanced alternative of VLC media player as this will provide you to capture audio file as well as video file, video effects and playback speed control movie experience. You can also able to customize your GOM media player in your own way.

#5 KM Player

KM Player is a very good and advance alternatives of VLC media player for your pc. This KM player will support all kinds of 3D movies and do not consume that much system resources. You can also able to play every kind of media format and able to control the speed also.

This KM player offers you a lot of both common and advanced movie freaks. This KM player is a libraries based management that will come in handy and you can also able to create your own libraries and playlist of movies.

#6 DivX Player

DivX Player is not just a media player and VLC Alternatives it is more than that. This will play your media files and offers you more than that. If you are looking for very high quality of VLC alternatives than you are at very right place this DivX Player will provide you a very high quality files because this will offer you dedicated support for 4K Ultra HD videos as a part of HEVC playback. There are optimization made for the proper handling of popular media file formats like MKV, MP4 and AVI in this DivX Player.

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