10 Best Way to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Free !

Best Way to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Free
Best Way to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Free

With a movie releasing almost every day of the week it’s understandable that no one would want to empty their wallets every single day and what’s more is that there is no saying as to whether the movie is going to be good, with all the trailers being as deceiving as ever.

What’s the next step you ask? Online streaming of course! Now there’s the option of opting for pay networks, like Netflix, Amazon prime video and so on, but with their hefty membership prices, it’s a miracle that people are still signing up for their membership schemes.

Best Way to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Free
Best Way to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Free

Leaving these aside, what if you don’t want to spend a single dime for watching a movie you are dying to watch? Then welcome to the internet my friend, the internet is filled with a plethora of options from which you can choose to watch your favorite movies on. Now this isn’t a perfect world my friend, there will always be a drawback for everything, the same is the case for online streaming the main disadvantages being,

  • The site will either be fake or won’t have the movie you want. As an alternative, you can use torrenting sites if you’re fed up with fake movie download buttons.
  • The site will also download additional apps which you do not really need which can also prove to be dangerous for your device.

Let’s be honest we have all gone through this at one point or the other but fear not given below are a list of sites which I have personally tested and verified.

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Now keep in mind these are FREE sites and so there will be advertisements (some more than the other) as that is how those sites are supported, so do enter with a peaceful and calm mind as some sites may bombard you with ads but with the right amount of patience it will all seem worth it.

10) Wolowtube

It’s a relatively new website and so the number of ads thrown at you is expected to be less to none, and it does look like they update it quite often, however when navigating through the mobile site it does seem laggy and primitive, that being said it does what its supposed to do.

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9) Haloamovies

This is another good movie streaming sites which seems to have a good collection of movies in 720p and 1080p, it offers the option to download, which works (most of the times, as some users complained it wasn’t working for them) however, a big disadvantage of this site is that it takes quite some time to load both the movie listings and the movie itself.

8) Putlocker

To be honest this site isn’t  reliable as the rest, as it seems to crash more often than not. However when it does work it offers a wide variety of movies but they often tend to be CamRip videos, which I don’t personally prefer.

7) Crackle

Heres a gem, imagine a free movie site which also happens to partner with Sony Pictures, yes that’s right Sony Pictures so you sure won’t be disappointed with the wide array of movies available ranging from the classic The Animal Kingdom to Cruel Intentions

6) Popcornflix

Yet another movie site you say, well pretty much but they have over +1500 videos, now damn! This seems like the movie mecca. The arrangements of the videos will most likely make your search for your movie easier and with such a collection you’re bound to run out of data before reaching the end of the collection of their almost infinite collection.

Popcorn Time Apk Download

5) Youtube

The next few entries might sound bizarre but just hear me out, if I told you that you would be able to watch movies even without going through the trouble of searching for the perfect site you would think I was joking, But I’m not……well technically not because you might not always find what you’re looking for but Youtube does have a wide variety of movies and even series and almost always in 720p and 1080p full HD, now that’s what I call eye candy.

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However, some movies (latest ones) are also uploaded but they get taken down by youtube just after hours of it being uploaded, so If you’re one of the lucky lots you might even get to watch movies even before it gets released on your phone.

 4) Facebook

Okay I understand why you would give me weird stares if I included this in a list of movie streaming sites but I would like to prove my point, I have come across various pages solely created for uploading movies and would like to thank them because they would have movies which were not even released in my country at the time and that is one of the reasons as to why I’ve ranked it so high up on this list, however you will have to dig through trash to find the gem, the needle in the haystack If I may but once you do find the page suited to your tastes of genres of movies you won’t be disappointed, I certainly was not!

3) Snag Films

What if I say this site has over 1000+ movies in its collection? Well, there is nothing special about that right? How about we increase it up to 5000? Now? Cool right, well they have over 10000+ videos yes that was not a typo, and no I did not add an extra zero, they have a systematically arranged algorithm and the genre ranges from comedy to psychology.

 2) Dailymotion

Let’s be honest, you knew this was going to pop out somewhere in the list, it’s one of the most visited streaming sites for a reason with little to no ads and the site being refreshed with new content every day, apart from movies the site also offers a variety of videos on many categories and topics which will keep you intrigued for a very long time.

1) Fmovies.to

This entry is subjective, it can be replaced by Dailymotion too, I selected Fmovies as it has been my go to site for watching movies online for god knows how long they update their sites with fresh movies almost every hour however if it’s a new movie the first submission will probably be the CamRip version of it, notice how I say the first submission.

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Fmovies make sure that they update the videos with the latest version and I’m pretty impressed by their over all organised feel of their website the layout is user friendly so for me without a doubt Fmovies.to is deserving to be no.1 in this list, the major drawback is the bombardment of ads at random timings, but like I mentioned before, have patience and it will all be worth it.