Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017 | WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2017

Best WhatsApp Tricks 2017 – WhatsApp is one of the giant messaging app used on almost all types of Smartphones and many of people still don’t know their features yet so guys in this post we offer you can all Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017 that you can use to increase you knowledge about to how to effectively use WhatsApp in our daily life. People are searching on the internet for best WhatsApp tricks 2017, how to hack Whatsapp, how to download WhatsApp, how to tutorials about WhatsApp So, don’t worry about it. Here, you can get all WhatsApp trick and hacks 2017. Whatsapp is raising popularity day by day so it is very important to aware about WhatsApp features and WhatsApp tips & tricks. There are still some of the hidden features that individual people not aware about and not use as well.

Whatsapp is raising popularity day by day so it is very important to aware about WhatsApp features and WhatsApp tips & tricks. There are still some of the hidden features that individual people not aware about and not use as well.

Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2016
Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017

We Sort out some of Best Whatsapp Hacks and tricks that you must need to know. If You search on Google about WhatsApp tricks you can found approx. one million of the result but most of them post same tricks that are usually found so guys here we compile some best WhatsApp tricks and tutorials that many people won’t able to found on google.

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Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017:

Guys, Whatsapp is also the curious apps for noobs and youngsters and they use as an addiction. But they only use for sending messages or chatting with their boyfriends and girlfriend so here we show some kick ass tricks that they must need to know. By using these feature you can effectively use WhatsApp and easy with your work. you can send documents, audio, images, videos and share contact with your friends and in WhatsApp groups too.

Ethically Hack Friend’s WhatsApp Account:

There is another hacking trick about Whatsapp that you can hack your friends WhatsApp by using WhatsApp web. Like you just sign on your computer and not logged out and when your friend is connected to the internet and you can easily open their Whatsapp account in your computer until he opens somewhere else.

You just need to trick your friend and open that WhatsApp web into your PC and sign in using the trick and you easily made out. This hacking trick is only for educational purpose so if you are going to hack your friends WhatsApp account so give it back to him cause it is illegal too.

Hack WhatsApp Account with Mac Address:

There are many of WhatsApp hacking tutorials around us but none of them working cause people just post fake things that you can hack WhatsApp with software and thing. These all are shit you can hack WhatsApp in real. We have posted one WhatsApp mac spoofing trick from which you can spoof and change your smartphone MAC into same and receive same messages that your victim receive. This hacking trick is fully working and tested. If you implement all steps carefully you can hack it easily.

Get WhatsApp Video Calling Feature:

Whatsapp recently launched their cool and amazing feature that many people really want to that its video calling. In previous you just to become the tester to get video calling features but now you can easily get this video calling feature in all types of WhatsApp versions.

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How to Send Fake Location On WhatsApp?

On Whatsapp now you can also send a fake location to spoof your friends and family. You just need a little trick that you can use it on your WhatsApp. You need to use third party app to do this whatsapp trick. Download and install Fake GPS and chnage your location and send whatsapp location to your friend or family they think you are at the right place but actually you successfully fool people around your with this trik.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive?

If You are using WhatsApp for business use or some kind of important work so you must have to make the backup of your WhatsApp chat and all. Previously WhatsApp offers some of best features related to a cloud that you can use Google drive to directly save your WhatsApp backup on google drive. you can also delete by going to google drive.

How to Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive?

many of People search on the internet that how to download WhatsApp backup on the computer.But guys, WhatsApp have some encryption that only stores backup in a hidden folder of google drive. You can only delete or restore it on the same device or on the same phone number. Otherwise, you can access WhatsApp backup via google drive.

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Android Phone?

This one is the most trending post who are interested in running dual WhatsApp on their android smartphone. You can now use two WhatsApp accounts on one android device by installing WhatsApp alternative like GB Whatsapp. You can found steps to use dual WhatsApp on the same device.

How to Hiding WhatsApp Online Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture? [2017]

These are the also sort of best features that WhatsApp users really need like you can now hide last seen, profile picture and online status of your WhatsApp account. But you can hide last seen then you not able to see other people last seen sp use these features effectively.

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How To Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi?

Most of the school, colleges and workplaces don’t allow students or employee to use WhatsApp so guys, here is the best solution to this problem. You just need to follow some of the simple steps and install small VPN app and you enjoy WhatsApp on their college wifi easily.

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Above are the best WhatsApp tricks and hacks that you can use on your android smartphone and do effectively use WhatsApp. We can also update the new Whatsapp Tricks & Hacks 2017 here. So You can check the latest WhatsApp tricks by visiting on our website. If you face any problem regarding this article so leave a comment below. We can solve your problem as soon as possible.