Top 10 Best Xbox One Games You Need to Play in 2017

Best Xbox One Games You Need to Play

Best Xbox One Games – Hi Guys, Here we come again with very interesting games. Today we suggest you the 10 Best Xbox one games. Yes, it’s Xbox one. Most of the people are waiting for Xbox one games. So many people have bought Xbox one and after played one or two games they are confused about their next game. They don’t know which game is best for play. Many people text us for making an article on best Xbox one game.Best Xbox One Games You Need to Play

So after reading so many messages we take some reviews of Xbox one games. so, after review we select 10 games for you guys which are best for playing to all users. In the top 10 game list, we almost cover all type of game like Action, adventure, shooter, horror and few more. If you have Xbox 360 and you want Xbox 360 game then check out our previous post we already wrote an  article on Best Xbox 360 games. so what are you waiting for, scroll down and choose any one game? we hope you’ll like these games.

List of top 10 best Xbox one games :

Xbox one is the upgrade version of Xbox 360 by Microsoft. In Xbox one, you’ll play 3d games with high-end graphics. Xbox one is the best upgrade version for the console generation. Xbox one is like all in one you can everything one it. Xbox one allows you to play the game, multiplayer game, watch your favourite movies, videos, tv show, live events, sports and so many more things you can do at one place.

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1.) Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an open world and Roleplay game and need to deserve the top position in the list of best xbox one games. It is a new upgrade version of fallout series. In this game, you’ve to deal with those people who grew up with no understanding of good behaviour and manners. In the beginning of the game, you’ll enjoy, you feel engage and you feel like I am in the game. Then later on you’ll feet alone and you start getting board because this game has so much depth and you are running from place to place for trying to find ammo. The voice acting of the main character and another sound effect is really good. In short, it’s the best Rpg game you ever played .

2.) GTA 5

Everyone know about GTA 5 and GTA series. GTA 5 is the latest version of GTA series and also the Best Xbox One Games in 2017. This game is the combination of all games if you’ll start doing missions. There are so many different types of missions. If you lover of shooting games, you have shooting missions. If you lover of adventure, racing, fighting, you have also that type of missions on this game. You have three characters in this game, you will switch between one character to anther character while any mission.

Some missions will be done by only one character and some are with two or three. If you’re in trouble during any mission, you can easily switch your character with the second one. The graphics of this game is fabulous with clear audio sound.

3.) Call of duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 is also very famous among in teenagers life and one of the best xbox one games. In this game, you will feel like you are in the war. You can play this game in three type single , multiplayer with help of LAN, and multiplayer in the online server. In single player mode, you have so many new and interesting missions, you can also select any mission according to your taste.

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If you want to play with your friends then select multiplayer mode and connect with LAN network. In LAN mode or multiplayer mode you can choose any map and weapons also. You can also create the class of weapons which you’ll get any time during the game.

4.) Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a first person shooting game where you need you need to control the operators from Counter-strick and Rainbow Unit. This game is full of adventure and fight with great sound effect. In the beginning, it seems like slasher film where all guns blazing FPS.

Firstly, you control the operators and there are so many different operators, different operators have their different weapon, Bomb, and gadgets. You can choose any operator before starting the game. If your game will start, you can’t be able to change your operator.

5.) FIFA 17

Fifa 17 is a football game and new version of FIFA series. This game is released on 29 September 2017 in all over the world. If you love to play football and FIFA series then get this game now. In this game you will see lots of new features like the more intelligent system, Unique attacking technology and so more. The sound quality and graphics of this game are so good, You will feel like you are in the stadium.

6.) Dark soul 3

Dark soul 3 is an action game and Role-Playing game (RPG) which is developed by FromSoftware and Published by Bandai Nanco Entertainment. In this game, you have so many weapons for the fight against enemies. You can attack enemies in two types one is normal attack and the second is a more powerful attack. In normal attack, you can shoot your enemies at any time but in the powerful attack, you can shoot your enemies in one time only after that you need to charged up.

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7.) Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The division is third person shooter game with the multiplayer option. This is the best game right now, everyone talked about this game. In this game, you will get three weapons and some explosives like Bombs and mines for the fight against enemies. This game has an awesome sound effect and graphics but the main part is you see day-night cycle according to enemies behaviour.

8.) Gears of war 3

“Gears of war 3” is very famous and memorable video game by Xbox and on the list of best Xbox one games. This Game is developed by Epic Games and Microsoft studio . In this game, you’ll face so many difficulties but the best part is that you have 3 more players who always cover you from the enemies. This Game also has a stereoscopic mode for those who used 3dtv set. This game has best story lines and great emotional moments.

9.) Hola 5

“Halo” 5 is a very interesting shooter game which is developed by Bungie . This game is specially deloped for Xbox 360 console. In this game, you primarily experience from a first person perspective. You also save maximum 100 gameplay films to their xbox360 hard drive. You can easily enter build games and manipulate objects in real time.

10.) Forza 6

Forza 6 is the sixth version of popular Forza series. This game is based on racing cars where you need to race with our competitors. You have 450 plus cars in this game with nine new brands. This game is look so beautiful because of his designed and graphics.