Top 5 Best YouTube Alternatives Video Websites to Watch Videos Online!

Best YouTube Alternative Video Websites
Best YouTube Alternative Video Websites

Best YouTube Alternatives Video Websites: YouTube is one of the most popular and well known Online Video Database. And, Probably the Best Search engine for the videos. You can find almost all types of craziness shared by people on YouTube. But, Even though it is a big fish in the ocean of internet. There are still many competitors of YouTube world-wide. Who are ready to provide all the facilities to their users.

We often love to listen music and watch useful tutorials on the Youtube platform. And, Personally I like the comedy channels, education channels most. Because, they allow us in growing our thinking in their own way.

These alternatives are slightly behind in publicity and popularity From YouTube. Because, of many factors of the online marketing. And, there are many alternatives to YouTube. So, Today we gonna talk about these YouTube Alternatives one by one. I’ll explain the benefits and qualities of these sites over YouTube. So, Without wasting any time – Let’s have a Look at the Top 5 Best YouTube Alternative Sites

Best YouTube Alternative Video Websites
Best YouTube Alternative Video Websites

Best YouTube Alternative Video Websites

Based on the popularity and quality – I’ve picked the top 5 Best YouTube Alternative Video Websites of all time. So, If you have any doubt or suggestion for the list – Please feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be try to act on your comment. Lets have a look.

#1 Daily Motion

Daily Motion is one of the most famous online video streaming website after the YouTube itself. Although, They both have common starting year. But, Youtube and Daily Motion has created their own places on the internet marketing. Almost every TV channel and TV Show can be caught on their website. This is the main reason of having lots of loyal customers of Daily Motion. They provide live telecast of shows too.

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#2 Vimeo

Whenever someone hears the name of Vimeo, they probably start smiling deep in their heart. Because, This site is a great collection of funny videos found online. And, It started with the funny video catalog. But, Now they are much more than that. You can find almost all the categories of videos here. Just search for your required video. And, you are ready to enjoy yourself.

#3 Blip

Blip is another YouTube Alternative, which is again focused on the TV Show collections. But, They mainly contains web-TV Series. And, You can find almost all of the online TV series, which are almost difficult to find and watch. Blip is mainly New York based Video Channel. So, You’ll maily find stuff related to their local interests there.

#4 Veoh

If you are a deep movie fan and Never want to miss any Hollywood movie and TV Show. Then, Veoh is the best choice for you. As, They are mainly US based website. Which collects almost all kinds of videos. And, You can easily watch video adjusting the resolution as per your band-width and speed. So, buffering will not be a problem here.

#5 Metacafe

Last, But not the least. MetaCafe is last on out Top 5 Best YouTube Alternatives. But, this doesn’t mean that is doesn’t worth giving it a shot. The MetaCafe group is even older than the YouTube itself. And, They are not mainly focused on the videos – that is one of the reason to keep it at the bottom of the list. But, You’ll find very interesting stuff at MetaCafe too. Give it a try.

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