How To Block other Wifi Signals on your Windows PC ?

You are here to know how to block wifi user on Windows PC and Android. So below is the step by step instructions to block other wifi users and kick off from your wifi network easily. People who use routers like D link or TP-Link can also block other wifi users from the network.

WiFi is all around us and it possible that you have your own WiFi router in your home for personal bandwidth consumption. So you don’t need other wifi WiFi APN names showing up in the network bar right? Well, the good news is that you can actually Block wifi signals on windows if you want to. how to block wifi user using android

It doesn’t seem very practical as you might be asking me – why should I Block wifi signals on windows 10, whats the need? Well, my friend, there are certain scenarios where might in need to Block wifi signals on windows for e.g. your neighbors have a racist wifi name, so you definitely don’t want it to appear on your children’s computer. Your friends are coming over, So you can Block wifi signals on windows so it won’t appear on their PCs. how to disconnect other wifi users

Steps on How To Block Wifi Signals on Windows

Now You might be wondering how to Block wifi signals on windows? Seems like an impossible task right? Well no, if you follow the given steps carefully then you will be able to Block wifi signals on windows very easily.

1. Via Command Prompt

The command prompt is a very powerful and useful utility tool which comes with every window installation. It can help you to solve out any problem whether its hardware related or software related. However, playing with command prompt can be of high risks depending on your technical knowledge. So we suggest you to use command prompt codes very carefully which we will be providing below. One wrong command and your computer might shut off itself completely.

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1. Open the command prompt. If you don’t know how then you can simply type CMD in the search bar which is available in windows taskbar by default. After searching CMD, command prompt will appear on the searched list, simply right click on them and choose Run as Administer.

how to disconnect other wifi users
how to disconnect other wifi users

Please note that the commands which we are going to use in Command prompt won’t run successfully if you’re not running command prompt as an administrator. As running in administrator mode gives command prompt, full authority to modify system files.

2. After you open Command Prompt, you will see a blackish blank screen on your desktop. Enter or copy/paste the below command and hit enter. Don’t forget to change WIFI SIGNAL NAME with the Wifi APN which you want to show up in your network window/bar.

netsh wlan add filter permission=allow ssid=”WIFI SIGNALNAME” networktype=infrastructure

3. So now you have given permission to show up wifi in the searching module. But you still haven’t entered the command to Block wifi signals on windows. After running this command, only the wifi signal which you gave permission to will be allowed to show up while searching for wifi networks. If you fully understand them, then enter the command given below

netsh wlan add filter permission=denyall networktype=infrastructure

Now only those wifi networks will appear when you try to search for available WiFi, and you will be allowed to connect to that one only. If you want to set this permission for more than two WiFi, then you can do so by running the same command again but with a different wifi name.

How To Undo Filtering And Blocking Of WiFi Signals

So you have blocked all wifi networks, and now you want them to appear again. Well, don’t worry this process is quite easy as well. We will be seeking the help of our good old friend – command prompt here.

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1. Open Command Prompt and run it as administrator. The process of opening Command Prompt is same as we demonstrated in the very first step.

2. Enter this command to allow them to search up in the network window.

netsh wlan delete filter permission=denyall networktype=infrastructure

3. You also have to remove the wifi name from the whitelist as well. Change “WIFI SIGNAL NAME” with the SSID, which you gave permission to show up while others SSID’s were blocked.

netsh wlan delete filter permission=allow ssid=”WIFI SIGNAL NAME” networktype=infrastructure

How To View Your Current Filters

So you have applied some filter and want to cross-check whether they are correct or not. Simple enough, just use the command given below.

netsh wlan show filters

How To Block A Particular WiFi Signal Only

What if you have around 20 different WiFi SSID showing up in your area and you only want to block one? Well, there’s a command for that!

netsh wlan delete filter permission=block ssid=”WIFI SIGNAL YOU WANT TO BLOCK” networktype=infrastructure

How To View Your WiFi Filter List

You might wanna have a look at how many WiFi signals you’re blocking and how many have permission to show up while searching in the network tab.

 netsh wlan show filters

The above command will give you a brief detail of what is blocked and what’s not.

From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, we have come to an end of this article on how to Block wifi signals on windows. We hope the procedure wasn’t hard to learn and perform. If you’re facing any issues with these command prompts, then let us know in the comment section below and we will be happy to help you up.