How to Blur Faces in YouTube Videos ? (Custom Blurring in YouTube)

How to Blur Faces in YouTube Videos

Hi, guys here is a very interesting topic for you that is Blur Faces in YouTube Videos. Youtube is a video sharing website where you share your video by creating your own channel. Anyone can create his own youtube channel and upload their videos. Now the time most of the peoples are connecting with youtube. Mostly new teenager who has some qualities like singing, acting, comedian and so more, they all are making their videos and upload on youtube for becoming popular. You can also earn money throw youtube, just upload 2-3 video and be applying for Google Adsense.

Today article we will tell you how to cover or blur faces in youtube videos. Youtube have a very interesting feature that allows you to blur faces of that person whom you don’t want to show in your video. You can use this Blur feature to any object, even moving ones. In this feature you can move the blurred area where you want, you also resize the blur area and also set the starting and ending point that means you will set when the blurring start and when it will be stopped.

If you are Youtuber then this trick is very helpful for you because sometimes you edit your video and after upload, you will notice that some personal information is showing on the video. By this youtube blur feature, you can easily blur your personal information or face after uploaded. You don’t need to edit it again, just follow below steps and watch how to do this. We are trying our best to give you very easily steps which you understand easily.

Steps on How to Blur Faces in Youtube Video :

1. Go to youtube and sign in with your Gmail account where you created your channel.

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2. After sign in click on the channel name at the top right of the page.


3. Now click on “My Channel” at the top left of the page.


4. Once you have entered in the channel, click on “video manager” at the above of the channel art.


5. In video manager, you will see the list of videos which you have uploaded. Choose any one video for adding blur feature and click on edit.


6. Now click on the “Enhancements” for using youtube blur feature.


7. Once you have entered in “Enhancements” section, click on “blurring effects” at the right side of Video.


8. In blurring effects, you have two option “Blur Faces” and “Custom blurring”.


9. Once you have blurred your video, click on done and it will give you three saving option “Revert to original“,”Save as new video” and “Save“.

From Editor’s Desk :

That’s it, guys this feature is very useful for you in case of blur faces in youtube videos. In case you will face any problem regarding this article, you can ask us without any hesitation. Do comment on below comment section we will definitely trying to solve your problem. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Google plus for more updates. We also have a youtube channel, subscribe us there and check out new tricks and videos.