(4+) Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android Without Root !

Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android Without Root
Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android Without Root

I know you are here to know that How you can Increase or Boost Up Game Performance on the android smartphone by doing some small changes and you can also use third-party apps to boost your gaming performance. So just stick with the article and enjoy these extreme ways to speed up gaming performance on android mobile. These Android Tricks are working and We recommend to use this method because it can boost your gaming as well as CPU performance of your smartphones. In Previews, we discuss how do we Boost Computer Speed and now we are going to share how you can boost your gaming speed in android.

Technology is evolving day by day. And, Android smartphones are the main source of users for entertainment. While No Entertainment can be complete without games. But, the android development team doesn’t allow a normal user to access the full resources of the device. Because they keep an extra layer of security for the device. But, it reduces the performance of the smartphone during gameplay. I’ve used my methods to increase the performance of my device. And, enjoyed the Amazing high-Quality games fluently.

So, Today in this article – I’m going to share a few of my secrets that I’m using in my device to have a great experience of the best high-Quality games. The tricks will allow you to increase the rendering quality and speed of your android device. So, without any delay – Let’s have a look at all the Methods.

4 Extreme Ways to Boost Up Game Performance In Android Smart:-

Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android
Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android

When you’ll Boost up Game Performance In your android device using the following tricks. You’ll definitely Notice smooth gameplay even with the high graphics hungry games. So, Let’s Have a Look. But, Before that – I am assuming that your phone is already rooted in this kind of operation. Let’s Start Now.

Method #1: Android Developer option

This method is quite simpler than it looks. All you need to do is to jump through few inbuilt options and Switch ON the Android Developer option. Many of you know that what developer option is and how we can enable developer options in our android smartphone. Now, these days that is the very common thing and If you ‘re new to android so below are some steps to enable developer option in android mobiles.

As it will allow the device to consume max. resources for delivering the best output to the user. But, it may drain your battery faster. So, it is recommended that – Don’t always keep this option ON. Here are the steps for enabling this option:

  1. Open ‘Settings‘ By Clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Find the ‘About Phone‘ Option and Tap on the ‘Build Number‘ multiple times. (5-6 times)
  3. Select the New Appeared ‘Developer Mode‘ Option.
  4. Turn it ON and Look for ‘4x MSSA‘ in the Options Below.
  5. Turn it ON to. And, You are Done.

That’s How simple it is to unlock the full Hidden potential of your phone. Now, Simply close Settings and try to run a High Graphics game. And, You’ll notice the difference between the initial and final performance.

Method #2: Gltools Andriod app

Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android
Best Ways To Boost Up Game Performance in Android

Gltools Android app is an amazing Graphics Booster application. It enables the Hardware acceleration of Your android device. Which will increase the graphics processing ability of your device drastically? Let’s see – How you can use it.

  1. Download and Install this amazing app in your device.
  2. Launch it and give it all access it is asking.
  3. Jump to the Settings of Application, and Add the Tex(DE)coder plugin.
  4. Install and Click Ok to all things asked. It’ll restart your Device several times.
  5. Now, Select the required applications, those you want to Boost.
  6. Adjust Settings & Select OK and You are ready to Go.

That’s How simple it is to boost your android applications to get the max out of your device. This may drain your battery faster. So, Connecting the charger while playing is recommended in all cases.

Method #3: Dr. Booster Android app

Dr. Booster App- The Last – But not the least method. This is another amazing Android application that will allow you to boost the gaming performance of your android device. Just simply download and install its apk in your smartphone and Enable it. This third party app can fully optimize your CPU and RAM memory and you can easily play any of the android games with HD Graphics. You just need to go to play store and installs this small app and start boosting your android smartphone’s performance.

Dr. Booster Android app
Dr. Booster Android app

It will clean the unwanted usage of RAM, Frees up CPU and also detects the malware. So, it helps in boosting up your device with Providing max. resources available to your apps, such as games & utility apps.

Method #4: Disable or Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

Many of the time people use too much android apps on their smartphones that they not needed much. So You already know what we are going to explaining here that If you really want to boost up your gaming performance on android you need to clean your android smartphones from junk apps that using your internet, CPU, and RAM all the time. So you need to ensure that you only have those apps that you really need it and uninstall other apps that you do not need anymore.

If you do not want to uninstall android apps so just disable that app when you are going to play some high graphics game on your android mobile so by disabling third-party apps you can just stop those app services for a moment when you want those apps back in work just tap that app icon and it is back in the game.

From Editor’s Desk:

That’s all, for now, I hope – these Methods will Definitely help you out in Boosting up Your Android Device. If you have any doubts regarding anything, feel free to throw a comment at me. I’ll happy to help you out. We soon solve your problem as soon as possible. If You have any other suggestions for boosting android apps so guys please let us know in comments. We love to hear from you guys.