Breaching Records Shoot High Till 2018, Breach Barometer Reveals

Breaching Records Shoot High Till 2018, Breach Barometer Reveals
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The Protenus Breach Barometer of 2019 reveals that there are around fifteen million patient records which got breached with the five hundred three healthcare data violating last year, i.e., 2018. On the comparison, it nearly tripled the number of reported incidents from the previous year.

Protenus furthermore examined these breaches and reported about the same to the Department of Human Services and Health, media as well as to other sources too. out of the 513 violations, the researchers had gathered data for nearly 417 breaches. According to the analyzation of these researchers, they could see an increase in these breaches from 477. The researchers mentioned in the report that came in 2017.

Breaching Records Shoot High Till 2018, Breach Barometer Reveals

Now, the matter of concern is that 5.6 million patient records in the year 2017 were breached. However, this breach was considered to be minor when they compared it to 15 million violations. A report in 2018 highlighted these violations. Along with these breached reports, there was a steady increase observed in the number of impacted records. Nearly, 1.2 million of such records got published in the first quarter, which further got expanded to the 6.3 million Neralybeing reported in the fourth quarter.

The most significant incident was the Atrium Health breach. this incident came up impacted records resulting up to 2.65 million. A report from November 2018, highlighted the cause. The reason mentioned a hack on billing vendor ofAccuDoc Solutions.

This hack nearly had exposed patient data for about seven days constantly. In June’2018, there was a significant number of disclosed breaches observed with 51 incidents. However, it was followed in May and October by 50 reported incidents.

The records have revealed that hacking incidents have shown a steady rise since 2016. around 222 breaches or 44 percent of reported incidents were in the year 2018

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