How to Bypass iOS 10 Lock Screen ? Access Photos & Contacts

How to Bypass iOS 10 Lock Screen

How to bypass iOs 10 Lockscreen? Access Photos & Contacts: Now this is something which is probably worrisome for most of us. This puts a question mark on the Apple security system and also allows others to access our Photos & Contacts while our phone is locked with a legit password! Now either one can be a victim to this or you may wish to sneak into your friend’s phone or bet him on accessing his/her photos with locked screen.bypass-ios-10-lockscreen

iOS 7 & 8 had 4 digit passcode which is easy to crack. In iOS 9 they added 6 digits which are hella hard to crack. Apple does spend a lot of its resources and time trying hard to fix bugs in its firmware especially which interferes with privacy and device security. BUT a security exploit made the iOS 9 Lock Screen bypass possible. We are going to guide you on how it’s done ! So you can save your phone from others.

It is more of a backdoor, and it is easy to do. This is so crazy that I was just excited to just share how this is done. You may need this if you think your partner is cheating on you or something haha. Accessing photos on a locked iPhone is still unbelievable because this problem existed earlier in the previous software and even with the latest firmware ios 10.1, it still works !

How to bypass iOS 10 Lockscreen and Access Photos & Contacts :

Step 1: The preparation or The Bait

  • You need an unlocked iPhone for just a minute (You can come up with any excuse like you wish to see the phone camera or click a photo)

Step 2: Open the Clock Application

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Step 3: Tap on the Alarm section

  • Tap “+” to add a new alarm

Step 4: Now When the new alarm window pops, Select Sound

Step 5: Sound Screen will pop up, then Select Pick a Song

Step 6: The music library will open up, in the search bar above. Type anything you want to. Just Anything.

Step 7: Select all the text you wrote on search bar

  • Options will appear cut, copy, paste, look up, share

Step 8: Select Share

  • A sharing window should appear, showing you the applications and other places you can share the text.

Step 9: Select Messages

  • Now the messages app will open up, where the text will be already written

Step 10: Type in any contact name in the To Section. Just anything, As long as you can tap the return key.

Step 11: After you filled in the To section . Tap it 2-3 times, It should open up the contact page for that certain person.

Step 12: Now from that contact page, select Create New Contact

Step 13: Now Select Edit under the profile picture, and select choose photo.

Bingo :

Now you can press the home button, and leave the phone at home screen or lock it and give back to your friend. You can even leave it from Step 9 onwards and minimize and give the phone to your friend.

When you take his phone back, Now you can access the photos, By Opening the clock app through control center on the lock screen.

From the editor’s Desk :

This is crazy for many facts, Top most being that this glitch existed earlier once and its back. Apple wich spends so much and is one of the top companies also known for their device security has this backdoor. So this is the simple trick on How to bypass iOs 10 Lockscreen? Access Photos & Contacts. Hope you like it, let us know in the comments.

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