How To Change Name Icons on Android Homescreen ?

Change Name Icons on Android – From the last Decade, The word “Android” has become so famous that every Smartphone user thinks that it is only the name of an Operating system. The don’t even know that it has its own unique meaning besides being the name of an OS. The Android device carries the almost similar type of Operating System, which behaves in the same way. android rename icon label

Whenever you install any new application or program on your device. You’ll observe that a new shortcut related to that application is added to the main menu grid. The name below the shortcut is by default.

Android don’t even offer a way to rename of edit any shortcut. And there is no direct way to do what we want. But that doesn’t mean that there is no way. There is a trick, by which you can rename the default icons on your Main menu grid. Just Follow the Steps told below, and you’ll find it very easy to do.

Steps on How To Change Name Icons on Android Home Screen:

To Change the Icons Names On Android Home-screen. You just need to download an external application from play store. And this will easily make your day. Just follow the simple and easy instructions told below.

  1. Goto Play Store and Download QuickShortCutMaker and install it.

    Change Name Icons on Android
    How To Change Name Icons on Android Homescreen ?
  2. The Application will display all installed applications on your device in a list.

    How To Change Name Icons on Android Homescreen ?
    How To Change Name Icons on Android Homescreen ?
  3. Simply Tap on the application name, which you want to change.Change Name Icons on Android (3)-min
  4. Tap on the Label of the Application, and Fill the new Name in the pop-up box.Change Name Icons on Android (2)-min
  5. Tap on Ok and then Tap on Create to create the new shortcut on the menu grid.
  6. There you go.

From Editor’s Desk

At last, I Can assume that you’ve completely understood all the steps to complete your purpose of reading this article. If still, you are in doubt, you are welcome to ask your queries or make suggestions in the comment field below. We’ll try to work on it. Thanks.

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