How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W Modem/Router ?

If You guys Know How you can change your Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W Modem/router so you just landed at right web page because here we have step by step guide for Binatone modem configuration and images so you easily wrap up this article and steps to change the password on Binatone modem.

Many of people who are not technically sound so they definitely call their service provider and change their wifi password but it is very easy to change wi-fi password of your Binatone wr1500n, DT-850W, Binatone router bes460. So guys just stick to this article and you can see below steps that how we change a password on Binatone modems easily.

How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W?
How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W?

Hi Guys, Today We Gonna Show you that “How to Change WiFi Password on Binatone Modems and Routers ?”. We Know that time Wi-Fi Modem is Found in every Home and Office. So the security of modem is also necessary to protect from unauthorized people to use their Internet. So that’s why we Put Password on WiFi Router.

But when Password is leaked so it is important to update your WiFi Password. There are many reasons to use Password for your Wi-Fi Modem like Protect Wi-fi from your neighbors and also from Public. Many of Users not able to change Router Password. So We Share a very easy method to Update your WiFi Password for Binatone ADSL Routers.

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Steps to Change Wi-Fi Password On Binatone Modem

  1. Firstly Reset Your Binatone modem. On the Backside of Modem, You can see a small circle for Inserting some Pinto Reset all settings. On the Modems, ISP provides you a Username & Password for your Modem Like “DSLS73189” & “123456” but sometimes it not work so that’s why we reset all settings.
  2. Then Type in your Web Browser and a Pop-up Screen will Come up that ask you to put username and password. You can type Default Username and password that is “admin” & “password” and Hit Enter.
  3. Now Binatone Main Page is open where you find all his Admin Settings.
  4. Now you can see the Menu on the Top of the Page. Go to Interface Setup >> Wireless and You can see the wifi password Field Like in Below Picture.
  5. Enter a New Password and Click Save. Password Change Successfully.
change wi-fi password on binatone modem/Router
Binatone Admin Page

Above You can see Binatone Admin Page Where you can Change Wi-Fi Name or Password and Change more settings related to Wi-Fi Modem.Router.

Additional Tips to Changes Passwords on Binatone Routers/Modems:

Guys, many of times I receive queries from users that they currently use another modem of Binatone routers or modems so they want to know how to changes passwords on those routers so guys here is the simple steps to change bin atones password on all models. By following this you can also change wifi password Binatone wr1500n or Binatone wifi router bes460. On the other hand, you can follow same steps to changes passwords on the Binatone model which have the same interfaces like this modem or router. You just need to see proper at 850w configuration and whatever internet connection you use such as airtel, BSNL, Connector other internet provider services.

How to Change Binatone Wi-Fi Password (Video)?

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  1. after typing the default username and password i.e. “admin” and “password” … the binatone main page which should open isn’t opening .. please help

    • Bro Just Reset Your Binatone Modem and Your Default username is “admin” and password is “password”
      So don’t worry about old password.

  2. From the above knowledge, I want to reset by binatone dt 850w model router for farther setting. But when i loging it comes admin and password but when i loging it dose not loged. but come loging usersname and password sevaral times.

  3. When i enter the that URL and click enter it says web page is not available.It was ok until I clicked “restart to factory settings” option.what would be the issue.?

  4. when I put my ip address I.e. the page shows that there is a object error of username and password what should I do???

    • Just Restart your Computer and Properly Make Connection with your Binatone Modem and then you go to try again…
      If this Not Works So Just Reset your Binatone Modem and Repeat the Above Steps and Hit Default username and passwords.

  5. I am not able to login. help me out!!
    my model no.:DT-850W
    i am fed up of typing username: admin Password: password.
    what should i do now?

    • When Your Enter username and password then You Logged into the admin page of Binatone Modem….
      If You not so Reset your Modem and then Try Again…

  6. I press the reset button on the router and try to login on but ‘admin’ and ‘password’ don’t work. How do I reset? Do I long press the reset button? or just click and leave?

    • Bro You need to use Needle to Reset your Binatone Modem. In the Backside of your Modem there is a Small Hole Where you need to Put a Needle Once and your Modem is Reset Successfully.

  7. After resetting router, my laptop is showing that wifi is not connected.
    Searched available networks.
    One network with name “binatone” available.
    Asking for network security key.
    How to find that?

    • To Know your Password you need to connect with your binatone router…. You can use your ethernet cable to connect it and open admin page and see your binatone router details then remove cable and access via wi-fi.

    • Bro, Trying to reset your modem or plug in or off your modem… most of the cases if your modem light doesn’t glow up it means internet packets are not received.

  8. sir anyone can get the password of wifi using the default admin and paasword
    once he will login he can get the password

    • Absolutely Right Vikas… using default username and password you can enter the admin page of modem and see the password and do other things with it.

  9. im using binatone modem i reset my modem then type my default gateway but when i type my default admin and password the site is not getting permission to me to enter


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