How to Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit 2018 ?

Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit
Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit

Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit – Here is the Official Way to Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit. Sometime after Using many names on Facebook you cross the Limits So, Facebook assumed as Wrong Activity and Banned to Using too many Names that not Looking like real one. But Now We Have Solution below to Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit 2017.

There are Many of Facebook Limits that People Still Don’t Know that There is Name Limits for your Profile, Can’t Change Facebook Page name After Reaching 200 Likes, Can’t Rename Group after 250 Members, Can’t Add More than 5,000 Friends on Facebook. Most of Young Teenagers on Facebook use Stylish Names like Angel, Princess, Devil etc. Facebook not Allow user to use Fake Identity on Their Profiles So They Banned these Accounts. If You not want to get Banned by Facebook use your Real Name on Facebook. Here we are going to tell you how you Officially Rename your Facebook profile name into your Real Name Using Government ID, Proof Where your Real Name is Mention.

Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit

This Issue is Facing by Those Facebook Users Who Change their Facebook Name probably 4-5 Times So after Crossing the Name Limit they are not Able to Change their Facebook Name. They can Give you the Option of Name that you Previously using. I Recommended you that use your Real name on Facebook that you use in your Real Life. So Further You can’t Get Banned by Facebook Team.

Steps to Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit 2018 :

Before Follow these Steps Keep in your Mind that You are now going to Officially change your name on Facebook. So, Use your real name that printed on your Government ID’s, Proofs and Student ID’s. If you write Fake name and you Definitely Get banned by Facebook. Following Documents are Used to Verify your Facebook Account Name.

  • Driver’s License.
  • Voter ID Card.
  • Passport.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate.
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When You Exceed Limits to Change your Facebook Profile Name So In The End you have One Way to Change Your Name that use your Authenticated Name that Match with your Government ID’s. So If You wan to Change your Name to your Real Name Click Here.

Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit 2016

You Can See in This Image that Enter Your Real First Name, Last Name and If You have Middle Name So Type in Middle Name. You can Pick any Reason to Change your Name Like Legal Name Change etc. and Then Next Click on Choose and Upload Government ID’s and Proof and Hit Send Button.

Alternative Way to Change Your Name on Facebook After Limit :

If You have not any of the Above Documents So You have Alternative Way to Verify your Facebook Account Name that You Need to Upload Two ID’s Where your Name is Same Like Student ID’s, Library Cards & Transport Cards etc.

You Only Need to Upload Two Non Government ID’s that Listed Below :

  • Mail.
  • Check.
  • School ID’s.
  • Library Card.
  • Permit.
  • Transit card.
  • Utility Bill.
  • Credit Card.
  • School Record.
  • Medical Records.
  • Bank Statement.

Additionally You Must Have Your Real Picture on your Facebook Profile Because It can help you Rapidly Verify your name. Facebook Team is Manually Authenticate your Name So When you have your own Picture on Facebook You can easily Get Verified By Facebook Team.

From Editor’s Desk :

Guys, Above is the Official Way to Change your Facebook Name into Real One. It is a Stage When if you use Fake Name you Get Banned. So Guys Change into your Name that you use in your Real Life. After Follow Above Steps to Change Your Name on Facebook After Limits You can Get Message from Facebook Review Team within 4-5 Days and You name is Changed and Verified by Facebook. You also Listed in Facebook Authenticated Name’s List. If You Face any Issue Regarding this Tutorial you can Comment it Below.

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