How To Check iCloud Activation Lock Status for any Apple Devices ?

Many people do not realize the importance of knowing the iCloud Activation lock status of the Apple device they intend to buy. If this feature is activated, the Apple iOS device can be remotely protected or if the situation asks for it, all the content stored on it can be completely deleted.

Once the iCloud Activation lock feature is activated, in order for the user to be able to use the device, he will be required to enter the Apple ID and password with which the iOS device was initially signed in with. However, if the user does not know the Apple iD and password, then the iPhone will not be opened and it will be locked for use.

How To Check iCloud Activation Lock Status for any Apple Devices ?
How To Check iCloud Activation Lock Status for any Apple Devices ?

There is a known problem which the Apple devices bought from second-hand retailers have. In many instances, the previous owner forgets to untether the iOS device from his Apple ID. So when the new user gets this device which is protected by the iCloud activation lock, and when this iOS device gets reset, he will be asked to provide the Apple login credentials and password which the previous user has been using.

Overview iCloud Activation Lock Status:

So unless you are well familiar with the former user, you won’t be able to access the iPhone, simply because you won’t know the login credentials and the defensive mechanism of the device will not allow you to use the gadget unless you provide the required data.

So basically that is the main reason on why it is important to check the iCloud Activation lock feature before you purchase a used iOS device.

All About iCloud Activation Lock Status:

If the security features “Find my iPhone” and iCloud Activation lock are activated then the user gets the following benefits:

  1. Strangers cannot use the device without the proper login credentials
  2. The original owner of the device can easily access the iPhone from remote point and erase the content in case the situation requires to
  3. Simple reactivation of the iPhone by using the correct Apple login credentials

Another important fact about iOS devices which are logged with the same Apple ID is that the iCloud Activation lock will protect all of them when activated. However, in order for the protection to take place, the user must first manually enable it. And besides the devices such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, from recently it is possible to remotely protect the Apple watch as well with this defensive mechanism.

Steps to Check the iCloud Activation Status:

  1. Launch your web browser and access this link –iCloud Checker Status site by IMEI number.
  2. To check the iCloud Activation status, just enter the correct IMEI number of the device
  3. From the captcha field bellow, enter the verification code
  4. Press the Continue button underneath the captcha and in several seconds on the screen of the iOS device, the iCloud activation status will be shown

And there you have it; this is the method which is used to check the status of the iCloud activation lock feature on any Apple device.