How To Generate Strong Passwords with Chrome Password Generator ?

Many of chrome users still don’t know that you can generate strong password using google chrome or called chrome manual password generation. You can use this chrome feature while signing up or apply on other passwords Spaces.

We all use websites, right? Well if you’re using this one to read strong password generator for chrome then yes you do. However, some sites allow user access and user accounts on their websites to access a certain feature, to store documents or simply to access social networks.These all kind of sites requires you to have a strong password. Strong passwords are necessary to protect your accounts from hacker and hijacker. strong password generator for chrome

So you should create unique and strong passwords for every account that you sign up for. Whether it’s your facebook account or your Netflix account, you should keep a super secure password for every login. But keeping and remembering different passwords is quite a hard task for our brain. So you can simply use the built-in Chrome password generator facility to generate powerful and uncrackable passwords.

How To Generate Strong Passwords with Chrome Password Generator ?
How To Generate Strong Passwords with Chrome Password Generator ?

Well, you might now know this feature of Gooogle chrome that the inbuilt Chrome password generator can help you generate strong passwords and even remember them for you. strong password generator for chrome

What is Chrome password generator and why do you need it?

As we told you earlier that this feature of chrome will generate strong passwords which are quite hard or might impossible for hackers to hack. So you can be pretty sure about that all your internet accounts are safe from any kind of identity theft and hacking. Chrome password generator not only generates complex password but it also saves them for you so you don’t really need to remember them by heart as they will be saved into your browser and can be accessed while login. strong password generator for chrome

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Steps to use Chrome password generator feature in Google Chrome

For this tick to work, you have to log in to Chrome with your Gmail login credentials. As all the passwords which will be generated will be saved in google drive so you can access them on cross platforms like chrome on ios, chrome for android, mac os or windows.

1. Go to chrome settings by accessing the menu from the three dotted button fro top right corner fo the screen. You can also use the following code below to access the settings page.


How To Generate Strong Passwords with Chrome Password Generator ?
How To Generate Strong Passwords with Chrome Password Generator ?

2. Now you will see a Sign in section. Click on that and log in with your Gmail credentials as you usually do while login to any google service. You can take the reference from the screenshot attached below. Please, not that the Chrome password generator won’t work if you don’t sign in.

3. Now you have to go to the flags section in google chrome. You can do by entering the below code into the address bar of Chrome browser. We will be going to chance some sensitive settings so you suggest you to follow next steps very carefully as these settings can mess up and can cause serious troubles when it comes to browsing the internet.


4. Now you have to search for the term password generation in the search box.If you don’t see a search bar, then you can enable it by pressing CTRL+F (for windows users) or CMD +F (for Mac users) respectively. After searching up the term, you have to enable the option as shown in the screenshot below. This will enable the Chrome password generation tool for you.

5. Now scroll all the way down until you see the relaunch button. If you do, simply click on it. It will look like the way shown in the screenshot below.

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Hurry, you have enabled Chrome password generator feature successfully. Now whenever you will be accessing the login page to any website, Chrome will suggest you complex password with the help of Chrome password generator script. Further after login in, you will be asked whether to save the password or not. Now you can select save if you want chrome to remember passwords for you.

Now we have come to the end of this article. We hope now you know about Chrome password generator feature and will be using it from now onwards. We highly suggest you to keep different passwords for every site that you hold a user account on.