How To Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File?

How To Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File
How To Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File

If you are one of those users, Who is looking for the methods to Combine and Merge PDFs easily, then my dear friend – You are at the right place. Here, in this article – I am going to talk about various methods to Combine and merge all PDF in one PDF file. So, Grab your cup of Tea or Coffee, and sit tight. Because I am going to take you on a journey! Let’s enjoy the ride.

How To Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File
How To Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File

Steps to Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File

Although, there are many methods to combine PDF documents, or you can also do the same using the merging of PDF technique. But, Here I’ve found some easy to use methods – which will definitely help you out in your requirement. So, here is the list.

#1 Combine and Merge PDFs Online Free

There are many platforms available online to help you with your PDF combining or merging PDF requirement. But, I have selected the most genuine and dedicated platform for this.

  1. Goto the Website:
  2. The Simple interface directly asks you for Upload Files on the web server.
  3. Select your PDFs to combine or Merge from the dialog box that will appear after clicking on the UPLOAD Files button.
  4. Now, After the process completed. Click on the COMBINE button.
  5. BOOM! You are done! The combined file will be downloaded to your downloads folder.

#2 Combine and Merge PDFs – Windows method

You can use this method If you don’t have access to the internet. but, the conversion of the documents is necessary. So, in that case, you can follow the following steps to fulfill your requirement. Let’s have a look at the steps.

  1. Run the Microsoft Office Word 2016 or above (Minimum requirement is MS-office 2016)
  2. And, Open all the PDF files in the sequence you want them to arrange in the final format.
  3. The MS-Word 2016 will give you a warning Dialog box.
  4. Say OK and, proceed.
  5. Similarly, open all files and After the little arrangement of Data, you can simply save it as a New combined PDF file.
  6. BOOM! You are Done.
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From the Editor’s Desk

So, that is all from My Side about the Combine and Merge all PDF into One PDF File. If you have any doubt or you want to suggest anything to add in the article. Please Feel free to Leave a comment below in the comment field.

I’ll try to help you out in about the query or suggestion within 24 hours. If you know, ay another trick to easily Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File. Then, Please share it with all of us. Thanks for your time and trust. I’ll see you in the next article.