How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page | 2018

Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page 2016
Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page 2016

Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page – Today internet has become such a important thing that 90% of the human communication is possible only because of internet. Almost Every user, who uses internet for sharing or getting knowledge is a Facebook User. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. are like addiction to the human brain. Where, Some people uses these platforms for their social satisfaction, but there are few people who uses it for business or to publicize their products or brands.Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page


Although, the concept seems little weird – that why would anyone want to convert their profile into the page? That is a good question. But, there are situations and people are demanding such options from Facebook community. So, that is why – Facebook team is providing them with these options. I have few situation explained below in thiese paragraphs. I hope, they’ll help you out.

Facebook has provided a special section for these kind of persons via providing them option of Creating Pages and Groups. But Every person cannot handle both, His page and Profile. So, Keeping this thing in mind. Facebook has given the option to the users for easily converting their Facebook profile into Page.

And then only they have to manage one page cum profile platform on facebook. which really reduces your stress and extra work in order to publicize yourself. While you have limit of 5000 friends on your profile. but after migrating your Facebook account to facebook page. you’ll have no limit over the following audience.

So, Now Without wasting any time. Let’s talk about the Steps to Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page 2016.

How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page :

There are only 5 Steps, that you need to follow, in order to migrate your Facebook profile into Page.

  • As this is predictable, Open New Tab in your Browser and Login to Facebook with the same account which you wanted to convert into a Page.
  • Now Click on the following link, in order to get the migration form for completing this process.
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Migration Form Link

  • There you can Easily find all information regarding the migration, and then you can get the form from there or click on the link below.

The Form

  • Now Click on Get Started to proceed for migration from ‘profile to page’.convert-fb-profile-into-fb-page
  • Then select your page category like business, brand or community etc.  After completing all the procedures, Facebook will ask you for your password. Fill it. and there your go.

And Now you’ve successfully converted your Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page. Sometimes it take 24-48 hours of time in order to verify your login and logout form all the trusted devices. It shows you some warning message, if you’ve logged into some other devices also. but don’t worry. Its just a warning not an error.

Now your page is ready to use. Now you can add another account for administrative control via the admin panel. Enjoy you freshly created page. Sometimes, after converting from profile to page, we realize that it’s of worthy to convert and we want to move back to our regular profile form this page.

Facebook has provided a procedure for this purpose also but in this way you need to give you Official ID proof to Facebook and they’ll verify it after which you can easily enjoy your simple facebook profile again. but do notice one thing that. You can only do this once in your lifetime. So, If again you switch form Profile to Page, then you can’t move back to your normal Facebook profile by any means.

If you are still in doubt, for any query. Please do mention it in the comment s field below. we’ll be happy to help. Thanks for all you time. we hope you’ll learn from here.