Paperboard custom Packaging boxes and their uses

In the business of custom packaging boxes, many things play a great deal. Among them, the most important one is the use of paperboard stock for packaging. Where customization gives a new way of looking at the packaging boxes, the stock of the boxes further enhances the good look and usefulness of the products inside.

How different kinds of paperboard stock go in packaging:

Paperboard is the most commonly used and highly effective material in trend in the present-day packaging industry. Here is how different designing options help a business to expand and grow:

  1. Paperboard fiber:

Having a wavy look, this fiberboard is lighter yet strongest. This material is used to make a layering inside the packaging boxes. When you have to transfer things over long distances while keeping them intact and safe, paperboard material is used. They are also in use for wrapping around some materials like glass and other sensitive products that need continuous protection for their survival.

  1. Paper bags:

Having a decent brown color, paper bags are an intelligent choice for keeping a bit heavier and formal things like dresses, shoes, and other items of daily use. The shrinking of the paper sounds like a beautiful symphony to the ears. The protective nature of paper against water and heat etc. Make it an ideal option for packaging things of formal use.

  1. Custom printed paper boxes:

Personalization is a great effort that the packaging industry makes and its results are tremendous. When you get the words of your choice written on the package or a picture of your priority imprinted on the package, your happiness and satisfaction know no bounds. There are a lot of printing options available for boxes and bags like digital printing, CMYK+PMS or solid color printing, etc. You can get the bag designed as you dream of.

  1. Paperboard boxes with spot UV:

Spot UV is a unique, innovative, and genius way of presenting the packaging box to the receiver. A diversity of shapes is there which are varnished and embossed on the paper bags. Most of the time logos of the companies are often in spot UV on the packages. They are so effective that even by looking at the picture, the brand is identified. They give an impressive look to the packages.

  1. Foiling on the paperboard boxes:
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Whatsoever the stock of the boxes is, foiling is always a feather in one’s cap as it looks royal, bright, and shiny to the packages. Whether it is aluminum, copper, gold, or silver foil; every type has its look and perfection. In customization, the writings come in foiling like the name and address of the company, the slogan or logo, or any other statement or words, you want to on the packages.

  1. Paper boxes with Velcro closure:

A unique and new way of looking through your files, documents, and important papers is through Velcro closure. A special type of opening gives an official look to the packaging and gives a sober look when used for different purposes.

So paperboard is the base of the packaging industry.