How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently ? 2018

Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2018 – If You Want to Delete Facebook Account Permanently without waiting 14 days, Now It is Possible to Delete your Facebook Account within your Pictures, Videos, Notes & Messages Easily without waiting 14 days. Below are the Simple Steps to get Rid of Your Facebook Account Forever. There is No Direct Option to Delete your Facebook Account. You need to Follow these Below. You can also delete your facebook account permanently from mobile immediately.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2017 ?
How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2018?

Facebook is used by Everyone who Has Internet Access. It is used for Chatting, Commenting, Entertainment and shares Feeling. But Sometimes It Ruins your Work and Appears Distraction for you. You Addict to Facebook and Check your Messages, Again and Again, It will Reduce your Productivity and Concentration on your Work whatever you are Student or Employee. It is Proved that Millions of People Who use the Internet are Facebook Addicted because they always Check Their Friends Post, Pics and Spend More Time on Chatting with Them.

When You Open your Facebook Account there are many Posts appear on your Homepage that is From Friends and Pages You Liked. So, You can Take time to comment on these and scroll Down and Down to see More Posts and This Way all Your Time is Wasted. So It is Better to Have Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently.

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You can Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently by Following These Steps with Official Way. You May See that When you Delete your Facebook Account It can’t be deleted because When You Login your Facebook Account It will Again Reactivated So Here are the Official Way to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently.

Before Delete Facebook Account Permanently, Backup Your All Data:

This Will Help You to Download your all Facebook Data like Pictures, Videos and Other Notes, Notification and Messages Also. You can Also Inform your Friends that You are no Longer on Facebook. Follow Below Steps to Backup Your Data:

  1. Login Your Facebook Account. Go to Settings >> General.
  2. In Below, You see the Option of “Download a Copy”. Just Click on it.
  3. Then Facebook will Make your Archive and Send you on Email that you use on your Facebook Account.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently:

  1. Login Your Facebook Account and Go to Below Link to Delete Facebook Account Permanently.
  2. Go Here >>
  3. You will See a Small Dialog Box Like in Below Image. Just Click on “Delete My Account”.Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
  4. In next Step, a new Windows Come up that Verify that you are Human in Front of Computer.
  5. After Photo Verification and new Pop Up Box Appear Where Facebook Said “Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days. If you log into your account within the next 14 days, you will have the option to cancel your request.” Permanently Delete Facebook Account
  6. Click Ok and you will Automatically Log Out and Redirected to Facebook Homepage.

Additional :

After Delete your Facebook Account. You Receive an Email from Facebook that your Account is Schedule for Permanent Delete within 14 Days. If your Mind Change you can also Login Again in your Facebook Account Within 14 Days. Note that when you Login in your Facebook Account Again. It small Dialog Box Appear Where you See Two Option. “Cancel Deletion” Or “Confirm Deletion”. Choose Confirm Deletion if You Permanently Delete your Facebook Account.

Points To Be Remember:

  • Don’t Login Back in your Facebook Account within 14 Days.
  • If You want your Account Back you must be Login within 14 days and Click on “Cancel Deletion” to get Back your Account.
  • You Must be Logged Out from all Devices Like Mobiles, Smartphones and Tablets. Once Confirm your all Device that you Must be Logged Out.

From Editor’s Desk:

Guys, Facebook is now the World’s Number one Social Networking Site So There are many Users and many of Believe that Facebook Ruin their Work and Social Life. So, they want to Delete their Facebook Account Permanently. So Above Steps Will Definitely Help you to get Rid of your Facebook Account. They Not want you to Leave Facebook So There is No Option in your Account to Delete your Facebook Account Directly. You Need to Follow these Simple Steps to Remove your Facebook Account Forever.