How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently (Step by Step with Images) ?


Want to Delete Your Gmail account permanently? We can show you how to do it. Guys, In most of the cases people want to delete their Gmail account only when they have extra Gmail account or they not want to use Gmail account anymore. There are other many reasons too but we are not gonna discuss here.

Let me tell you some of the tips that you need to remember during deleting Gmail account like If you delete your Gmail account you all of the google’s product are deleted too such as YouTube, Play Store, Google Photos, Blogger Blog and other connected google services. So If you want to delete your Gmail account you should definitely know about these.

Gmail is one of the top rated email services and comes with a lot of cool features that right now nobody has on the internet such as You can Undo a Sent Email in Gmail Account by One Click or you can send large files on Gmail and all. But If you are not want to use Gmail anymore or you have some other reasons so you can delete it. But after that you can able to use that Gmail account again and If you can use that Gmail account for sign up on other third party sites so it can be a problem for you in future. Because without your Gmail account you can’t access another third party account if they ask you for confirmation. So Think once before deleting your Gmail or google account permanently.

Steps to Delete Gmail Account Permanently:

Before you delete your account I would recommend you to download all of your stuff from google account like google photos and other important emails and all stuff like that. So In future, you can use this again. Now let’s move to the main steps.

  1. Go to Gmail Homepage and login to your Gmail account that you want to delete permanently.
  2. Click on Top Right Circle (Profile Icon) and you see drop down tab where you need to click on “My Account” and it will open a new window where you can see you all settings.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
  3. On next screen there are three broad tabs where you need to go with “Account preference” and you can enter the new web page.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
  4. Now scroll down and there are two options regarding account deletion like one is “Delete Products” and another is “Delete Google account and data” now let me explain you some information on them.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
  5. Now you need to go with “Delete Google account and data” and they will ask you to reenter your password and enter it and hit enter.
  6. Now you are on the main page where you see some of the confirmation options In which they ask you that you are going to delete your whole google account with their whole services and just Confirm that and Click “Delete Account” and After that, you successfully deleted your Gmail account.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

NOTE: You are responsible for deleting your Gmail account. Here we show you all of the simple and easy steps with the proper explanation that how you delete your Gmail account permanently. You just need to know what happened If you delete you google or Gmail account and all that we discuss above.

From Editor’s Desk:

 In the End, I recommend you to once review our above steps and explanation that we made out because if you just go up and going to delete Gmail account so guys it may create problem for you If that is your general account. In this tutorial, we demonstrate steps to delete Gmail account permanently. It means you can’t access that account again and one more thing that many of people don’t know that along with your all google product ad services will also delete.

If you have any doubt regarding this Gmail tutorials So guys please let us know in comments we will solve your problem as soon as possible. You can also comment your thoughts regarding this article.


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