How to Delete the Useless Photos from WhatsApp in One Click ?

How to Delete the Useless Photos from your WhatsApp ?
How to Delete the Useless Photos from your WhatsApp ?

Looking for Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks? Here we got a trick that definitely helps you. For more information just stick with this article so we show you how you can free up internal memory of android by this WhatsApp trick.

WhatsApp has mostly used the instant messaging app for everyone cause it is fast and secure and used by most of the people. But on another hand WhatsApp also and their pro and cons. Most of our smartphone space is consumed by what app media. On any festival and occasion people sending you Gif, images, wallpapers and audio. It can reduce your internal storage and then you can’t able to store more data on your phone. So we need to find out a way to delete those useless photos, memes and all audio and video stuff by just one click rather than select manually.

Now, these days, You probably in some relative WhatsApp groups, friends WhatsApp group and like that so they sending pictures, greetings, gif and all that stuff and your phone memory are full So, guys, we came up with the perfect solution that can definitely help you in an effective way. After watching out Whatsapp tutorial you can remove those useless images, pictures in just one click.

Steps to Delete the Useless Photos from your WhatsApp:

Delete the Useless Photos from your WhatsApp
Delete the Useless Photos from your WhatsApp

These are small and easy steps to get rid of these useless WhatsApp media files that consume your storage. We can use an app named Magic Cleaner Which enable the user to delete useless WhatsApp images from media with one one click.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and Download this App named Magic Cleaner.
  2. After Installing just click on WhatsApp and it will show you all useless images in your WhatsApp media folder.
  3. Now you can review those photos that from which images there is some important image or not.
  4. After that proceed further and it will clean your storage and free up your internal storage.
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From Editor’s Desk:

This app is founded by an Indian startup Siftr and app is build to perform intelligent android features and help many of users around the world. it apps has very fewer features but this is really a cool and awesome that can detect useless photo from your media folder easily.

I personally Recommended this app for android users cause this app consume very low space and provide you with a cool feature to automatically delete useless images from your WhatsApp. If you stuck in any step or you want to ask something. Feel free and leave a comment below.