5 Different Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Education !

5 Different Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Education !
5 Different Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Education !

Times have changed, and the mode of learning nowadays is very different from how our parents schooled. The 21st century has the utterly embraced technology.

Positive ways of how technology has impacted education

The hallmark of technology is how it has simplified everything. Many computer software has been developed including software that enables students to edit their assignments and essays before submitting them for evaluation.

Technology in education is becoming indispensable. More and more people are using the internet for education and research purposes. Here are some ways technology has impacted education.

Simplified research methods

The internet has made access to information very easy. Unlike the past where one had to spend a lot of their time and energy perusing books to gather information, nowadays the internet has simplified research methods. Any information can be found on the web regardless of your physical location. This has increased the productivity of many students since less time is taken to gather information. Essay editing service is something that helps students a lot as well.

Emails Services have simplified sharing of information between students and lecturers. Students can share educative material through emails and lectures can send assignments through the emails. The students receive the assignments and submit back to the lecturers via the emails. All this is done without any physical contact between the two parties.

Technology has enabled researchers to share their findings with the rest of the world by giving them the space to publish their content online.  This has significantly improved the general public knowledge. For example information on the progress of cures for some chronic diseases can easily be found online. Many doctors are now writing journals to educate the society and raise awareness of different ways of improving their health to avoid lifestyle diseases.

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New Technologies: Rest & Learn

Thanks to technology, people no longer walk around with large volumes of books. Technology has allowed for most of the reference books and textbooks to be available in softcopy form which can easily be downloaded from the internet or sent through email. E-books have simplified the learning process since they can be accessed from anywhere.

5 Different Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Education !
5 Different Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Education!

Learning does not take place in classrooms only. Technology has made it possible for students to learn from literally everywhere. From lecture halls, along with the beach, inside a bus and from your bedroom. As long as you have a device that can access the e-books. Smartphones have also come in handy since you can quickly send emails and submit your assignments to the lecturers.

Thanks to technology, many short courses are available on online platforms. As long as you have a computer or a smartphone that can connect to the internet, you can quickly enroll for the short online courses. The short courses mostly help to improve the student’s knowledge and different skills. For example, if you have a problem with grammar, you can enroll for a grammar course or nonnatives who need to polish their skills can enroll in an English course to improve their written and spoken English.

Not only that, but you can also enroll in a medical course and obtain a CPR license which can help in your career and also in emergency situations.

Also, undergraduate and graduate courses, like online MBA in Kenya, are already offered by many institutions online.

Student-centered learning

Most lectures find it easier to teach nowadays due to enhanced modes of teaching. For example, the use of projectors to show in class allows for the trainers to arrange their lecture notes in slide form that can easily be understood by the students. Technology has also enabled students to understand specific concepts much better because of the use of illustrations compared to the previous application of theory alone.

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Gone are the days where all students were expected to grasp content and knowledge at the same rate bearing in mind, there are quick learners and slow learners. Technology has managed to bridge the gap between the two groups. Slow learners can take their time outside the classroom and get more knowledge through online tutorials, and they can also communicate easily with their lectures through email for additional help.

A lot of information is readily available on the internet. Technology has simplified the learning process. Students can easily access video tutorials to help them better understand an assignment or project they are working on. Some trainers prefer videos to demonstrate to the students how they can tackle a specific problem; especially problems with a technical background that students may find a bit hard to comprehend.

Advanced technology has made it possible for large documents to be stored in the computers through internal or external hard drives. The hard drives can store an extensive collection of eBooks allowing the students to have access to their study materials at all times. This has significantly reduced the need for physical libraries as most of the books are available as soft copies. An example of the storage devices includes dropbox which can store large amounts of data online.

Writing Tools & Other Useful Apps

Writing of essays has been made more accessible because of software that improves students writing skills. Different writing styles and formats are now available to help the students do their work in a more organized manner. Other than improving their grammar, the writing tools contain impeccable vocabulary and choice of words that will enhance the content of their work. Technology has allowed many students to deliver assignments that are grammatically correct efficiently.

With apps you can:

  • learn
  • travell
  • communicate
  • edit photos
  • plan your day
  • control your weight, etc
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Technology has allowed for students to gain access to content that other students are using throughout the world. Students can share knowledge despite being in different parts of the world. Information on similar projects that were done in the past is available, and the students can use them as reference materials. The exposure helps to enhance the students thinking capacity. For example, An American student interested in learning the Indian culture does not have to travel all the way to India to gather information. Technology has made it possible to gain access to knowledge from various parts of the world.

Opportunity to make money

Students developed most of the computer software being used by people all over the world. A good example is the Facebook app that was designed by two college students in their hostel room. Students have a chance to use their skills and knowledge to make money. Students with extra time on their hands can use that time to help out other students finish their assignments study for their exams. Technology has helped students earn income that is genuine and legit.

During the school holidays, students can quickly get help from trainers available on online platforms. There are numerous trainers from all over the world and just because school is not in session does not mean that you cannot get help from a trainer.

There are many computers games designed with real-life features and challenges. The games help the students tackle problems, and it sharpens their thinking skills. The games allow for the students to think outside the box use and develop their cognitive part of the brain.

Indeed, technology has revolutionized the education sector, and learning is no longer considered cumbersome. Most students enjoy learning nowadays their retention rates have significantly improved. Technology has simplified education and learning have become more interactive. With technology advancing every single day, small children are also being taught how to use computers and other useful software so that by the time they are getting their first job, they are entirely literate. Both education wise and technology wise.