Do I Need a Dedicated Server for My Website? Answer is Here !

When you own one or more websites, your goal is to ensure that your visitors have the best experience on your site. They should be able to visit your site, navigate through different pages, and experience quick loading and excellent user experience. There should be no downtime and they should be able to quickly find the information they came for. As your business or web traffic grows, there is increasing stress on your web hosting server. As your site’s needs increase, it will become important that you move to a dedicated server.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated hosting means a dedicated server is assigned to your website. It comes at a premium price, but it offers several advantages over shared or VPS hosting. Your site will have all the resources it will require to run smoothly. Dedicated hosting also offers better security. Your website, database and data are not at risk from any other site on the same server.

Dedicated web hosting also provides you all the control over the server. You can determine how you want to configure it, which software to be installed and much more. Here are the main reasons for choosing a dedicated server for your website.

1. When you Need Scalability

If your resource needs change from time to time, especially when your business is growing, a dedicated server serves your purpose best. You can customize the server for the CPU power, memory, storage space and the operating system or software you need. On the other hand, a shared server means that you are limited to the type and size of resources which are available to you. You are limited by the software and OS that is already installed on the server.

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Need a Dedicated Server for My Website
Need a Dedicated Server for My Website

With a dedicated server, you are able to create a custom server environment that is best to address your site’s needs. It is up to you to select the software and operating system and determine the server’s configuration.

2. When You Need High Performance

Except for dedicated hosting, all kinds of hosting solutions require that the server is shared between numbers of users. Even VPS plans involve server sharing. If you want true unhindered, high performance for your website, you should consider a dedicated web server at Such a server is not shared by any other website. Your site will have access to all the resources. This means high performance for your site because no one else is using the same resources.

3. When you Need Improved Security

If you are concerned about security threats to your website and data, you should consider choosing a dedicated server. No matter what the web host may claim about their security software and systems, shared hosting can never be fully secure. This is because the server is shared by a large number of users and a security threat can originate from any of those accounts.

Dedicated hosting provides you the best-possible security for your website. There is no way that other accounts with the web host will be able to access your server.

4. When You Want to Own the Server without Overheads

If you are at a stage where your website has grown big enough to need a dedicated server, but you cannot afford or manage the overheads, it is best to choose dedicated hosting. Choosing such a hosting service is a cost-effective way to access all the resources without the need for managing a server. The hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the server.

So it is recommended to choose a dedicated server for your site based on your requirements. If you are launching a new large website that is resource-intensive or if your site has grown to a stage where shared hosting can no longer support it, you should consider moving to dedicated hosting.

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