[Trusted] Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List 2018 – Today we have compiled a list of best dofollow commentluv blogs domains which might help you to get more reach to your blog. These commentluv blogs were and will remain a very contradictive topic to talk about.

However, according to us, commenting useful information on these blogs will definitely drive some quality traffic to your sites. Apart from the crazy traffic, there are also many other advantages which come with link building for your blog. For instance, they get you permanent backlinks and increase your domain’s authority and page authority as well.

What are Dofollow Commentluv blogs?

Dofollow comment blogs are kind of blogs which allows you link one of your content (or another informative one) to pass some important information or to recommend something. Before discussing the benefits of these Dofollow commentluv blogs backlinks, let’s get to learn a little about backlinks itself. You will be able to understand the concept of Backlinks through dofollow comentluv blogs it.

Backlinks through Dofollow commentluv blogs

The term “Backlink” refers to linking web pages together. Now, this is a little bit different and advanced from the tradition hyperlink which we all are aware of. Many newbie bloggers who have stepped into this blogging world don’t actually understand the importance of backlinks for their blog and blogging career. A backlink provides more juice, traffic, potential readers and customers to you.

So in simple words, backlinks are just incoming links to your webpage. When a webpage refers or links to another webpage, it makes a link called backlink. In past years, backlink was a major criterion for Google to decide search rankings. However, it is different now. But that doesn’t mean that backlinks are completely useless now.

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What are Dofollow links

Do follow link are those kinds of links which allow search engines such as Google and Bing to follow them and reach our website or blog link. As a result, we get some link juice and a permanent backlink. Now, this backlink will help us to improve our domain authority and page authority. The best way to get dofollow link juice is to allow keywords in the anchor text of the links. This means that whenever you are trying to link your blog or website via a backlink, just use an anchor text containing your targeted keyword.

A simple example of Dofollow Link:

<a href=”https://www.nextleveltricks/”>Nextleveltricks</a>

Note: By default all the hyperlinks which you are including in your posts, comments or articles. They are dofollow links and acts as a permanent backlink. So, you don’t need to do anything extra in order to make a link do-follow backlink.

Did You Know – Nofollow is an HTML attribute value which instructs search engines such as Google and Bing bots that a particular hyperlink does not influence the link target’s ranking in search results. Moreover, it is done intentionally to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of spam links. This concept was introduced in 2005 by Jason Shellen and Matt Cutts.

On paper, dofollow links are proved to give more value in search engine results. However, both dofollow and nofollow links have their own benefits. One extracts out link juice while other provides search results and overall page authority. According to some blog experts, the ratio of both kinds of links is important to get the most out of your domain. Some say it serves as a fifty-fifty ratio to increase the traffic to your blog. According to me, every blogger should try to get as many nofollow links as they try for the dofollow links.

Also, bulk backlinks don’t make much sense when it comes to productive SEO. You need to make a strategy for backlinks and stick with it. Personally, I am a super huge fan of both Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks. Further, I try to include them in my linking strategy as well.

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Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks

We have done all the discussions on Commentluv Blogs and Dofollow links. Let us get down to business. Down below we are providing links to all the blogs which accepts comments along with dofollow links. This list will surely help you in getting backlinks so you can increase your blog rankings.

List of 150+ Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List Where you can Get DoFolow Backlinks

Blog / Website

 Domain Authority

http://robcalhoun.com/ 15
http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ 47
http://robert-corrigan.com/ 23
http://getinternetmarketingstrategies.com/ 23
http://www.shermansmithblog.com/ 37
http://peterbeckenham.com/ 28
http://elnacain.com/ 29
http://www.aliciarades.com/ 26
http://mlm-gamechangers.com/ 20
http://www.ewebtip.com/ 17
http://yourpfpro.com/ 41
http://www.qcblogging.com/ 24
http://netotraffic.com/ 36
http://livingwithbeth.com/ 41
http://www.janesheeba.com/ 40
http://www.pensitdown.com/ 21
http://internetmarketingblog101.com/ 34
http://www.marketingourpractices.com/ 21
http://www.viralblogtips.com/ 29
http://www.moneygossips.com/ 27
http://alltechtrix.com/ 24
http://www.gobloggingtips.com/ 30
http://beamoneyblogger.com/ 40
http://www.lawmacs.com/ 40
http://peterbeckenham.com/ 28
http://bloggingwithgypsy.com/ 19
http://www.robinjemdon.com/ 23
http://mostlyblogging.com/ 37
http://www.creativebloggers.net/ 21
http://techcloud.in/ 26
http://www.techlinu.com/ 10
http://successcoach.chery-schmidt.ws/ 31
http://digitaldimensions4u.com/ 32
http://www.namanboard.com/ 24
http://farsideof55.com/ 21
http://mgibbins.co.uk/ 12
http://minucaelena.com/ 15
http://workfromyourhome101.com/ 38
http://deeannrice.com/ 29
http://enstinemuki.com/ 42
http://justwebsitetraffic.com/ 1
http://www.bloggingden.com/ 30
http://healthfundaa.com/ 21
http://bivori.com/ 31
http://opportunitybuilding.com/ 19
http://www.myquickidea.com/ 26
http://www.seowonderworld.com/ 26
http://wordingwell.com/ 40
http://www.asolopreneur.com/ 21
http://helpstartmysite.com/ 26
http://www.miriamslozberg.com/ 30
http://www.bloggingshout.com/ 28
http://pickdigest.com/r 23
http://monnaellithorpe.com/ 31
http://marketingwithtorsten.com/ 26
http://www.digalittledeeper0.me/ 30
http://timothygagnon.com/ 21
http://writertown.com/ 30
http://ravisinghblog.in/ 20
http://infozain.com/ 10
http://kimwillis.net/ 34
http://www.bestofguru.net/ 23
http://www.corinnekerston.com/ 25
http://www.shadeofinfo.com/ 34
http://www.makingsenseofcents.com/ 56
http://www.sueblimely.com/ 39
http://nancybadillo.com/ 32
http://www.techinfoworld.com/ 15
http://barrieevans.com/ 25
http://davidmerrill101.com/ 27
http://leslyfederici.com/ 22
http://tigerlilyva.com/ 32
http://www.uncodeseo.com/ 12
http://williamotoole.com/ 27
http://myblogginghub.com/ 22
http://www.lindasschrier.com/ 22
http://gallople.com/ 13
http://blogocharge.com/ 12
http://trafficcrow.com/ 29
http://curiousblogger.com/ 24
http://basicblogtalk.com/ 29
http://incomesplash.com/ 12
http://www.blogmean.org/ 24
http://marketingofflineonline.net/ 14
http://www.infocounselling.com/ 11
http://www.twentysecrets.com/ 12