Download WhatsApp Prime MOD Apk Free (Latest Version) 2018

WhatsApp Prime MOD Apk Free
WhatsApp Prime MOD Apk Free

Whatsapp Prime Mod APK- As we know Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger app, almost every person are using this app on their smart phones. Whatsapp is updating their features day by day and people love it. But still, we want something interesting like if we will change your Whatsapp color or theme. So here we are suggesting you Whatsapp prime APK that has some many great features which original Whatsapp doesn’t have. It contains some features from GB Whatsapp and some have their own that are not available in GB Whatsapp too.

On the internet, there are so many mod version of Whatsapp and each one of them has their own best and unique feature. But Whatsapp prime mod apk is one of the best mod of Whatsapp, reasons we will discuss soon.

In this prime version, you can create group joining link which you can share with your friends, without getting the permission of group admin. There are so many other great features in this Whatsapp prime mod but joining group with invitation link is the main feature which becomes it a popular mod.

About Whatsapp Prime Mod Apk:

This Whatsapp Prime mod Apk offers you lots of best features. It is very user-friendly that means you can easily use it on your smart phone and you will never be getting a ban on Whatsapp. This version let you increase the sharing media files from 10 to 400 and also keep your image quality. If you love the emoji of Facebook, this app provides you same emojis in Whatsapp prime. You can also copy someone’s Whatsapp status by double tap on it and you can also view the profile photo of your friends with zooming option. You can also disable the call button and do lot more things on it.

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WhatsApp Prime MOD Apk Free
WhatsApp Prime MOD Apk Free

If you are thinking that you can’t be able to use original Whatsapp after installing Whatsapp prime. So I let you know that you can use both download Whatsapp prime apk and original Whatsapp at the same time. If you want to switch your original Whatsapp into Whatsapp prime then make sure you will create a backup of your original Whatsapp and uninstall it before installing Whatsapp prime. Whatsapp prime is much better than original Whatsapp so I recommended you to install Whatsapp prime on your smart phone. Just try at once, if you don’t like this prime version then switch back to the original version which you can easily install from Google play store.

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If we talking about GB Whatsapp apk or we compare GB Whatsapp with Whatsapp prime then there is no doubt that GB Whatsapp has the best feature than Whatsapp prime. But if we look past few updates of Whatsapp Prime then we will get to know that it started updating their app with cool features. There are some more cool features in Whatsapp prime that will make your experience much better than original Whatsapp. So check out the cool feature of Whatsapp prime below.

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Features of Whatsapp Prime Mod APK:

1). Ban Issue

You don’t need to worry about getting banned because the developer of this app, has claimed that it’s safe to use.

2). Disable calling button

In this prime version, you can easily disable calling and video option. Because sometimes we are going to check profile but accidentally calling button is pressed by us.

3). Increase Media sharing limit

Now you can send media like photos and videos up to 300 at once on Whatsapp prime because, in the original version of Whatsapp, you are able to send 10 photos at the same time.

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4). Anyone can send Group invitation

It doesn’t matter that you are admin of Whatsapp group or not. If you are using this Whatsapp prime version then you are able to invite your friend via group link and your friend will easily join the group without getting the permission of group admin.

5). Copy Someone’s status

One of the great features of this site is that you can copy someone’s status, just double tap on the status and copy it.

6). Disable reply Option

Another best feature of this Whatsapp prime version, you can disable reply option that means you can send the message to anyone but the other person will not be able to reply your message.

7). View photos and videos without download

This is one of the best features which come in the new update of Whatsapp Prime. In the original version, you need to download photos or videos for watching but prime offers you to view photos without downloading.

8). View last seen without open the chat box

In the prime version, you will see the last seen of any contact directly on contact screen.

New Features on the latest version of Whatsapp Prime:

  • No need to worry about the ban.
  • You can mute the conversations for any time.
  • You can be uploading your status up to 4,000 words.
  • Quality of photo will upload in same quality
  • Sharing photos up to 300 at once
  • Videos can be sent up to 70MB
  • All menus are centralized such as Calls, Contacts & Chats
  • Reply option from notification bar is disabled.
  • You can zoom profile picture of any contacts.
  • You can copy Whatsapp status of any users.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

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