How To Embed PDF Documents In Blogger Blog Posts ?

Embed PDF Documents In Blogger Blog Posts – On the Internet, You see that Blogger always Do New Stuffs that Attract More Visitors on Their Sites or Blog. In Some of the Website, i have seen that People Embed PDF Documents, e-books in Their Blog Post. So This Post is for Those who also see PDF in Blog Posts and Also want to Add PDF Documents in their own Blog Post in Blogger Platform.

On the Internet There are Many Ways to Embed PDF Document in your Post But we Demonstrate most Flexible Way to Add PDF Documents with Google Drive. It is a Popular Storage Space and Synchronized Service by the Trusted Name on Internet Google. Google Drive Mostly Viewed you all of the Documents Like Docs, Sheets, Slides and Also a PDF Documents. Take 5 Minutes to Read this Post and Embed any of your Document and PDF in your Blog Post in Blogger.

How To Embed PDF Documents In Blogger Blog Posts ?

Steps to Embed PDF Documents In Blogger Blog Posts :

  • Firstly Go to and Enter Your Email and Password to enter your Google Drive Account. You must have an Admin Privilege So you Upload your PDF Documents
  • In Next Screen, You will see The red Create Button Just Click on Upload Button and Choose Files to Upload.
  • Now It Opens a Small Browse Dialog Box In Which you need to Select your PDF Documents that you want to Upload. Select Files and Click Open.
  • When your Press Open Button In Below It starts Uploading your PDF Document.
  • When Uploading is Finish Click on “Share” Button and Popup will Come up.
  • Click on “Advanced” and Then Click on Change to Convert into Private to Public. After Select, Public Anyone can see your PDF File on the Internet. Even Sometimes It also Comes up in Google Search Results.bloggerblogger-pdf
  • Click on Save All Its Done. Now Time to Get an HTML Code of this PDF to Embed in your Blog post in Blogger.
  • Now Locate your PDF File in Google Drive and Right Click on it and Open it with Google Docs.
  • Click on File and Choose “Publish it to The Web” and a Small Dialog Box Appear Where you need to Select “Embed”and Click on Publish Button.001
  • Now Copy that HTML Embed Code and Paste in your Post’s HTML Section.002
  • Open Your Blogger Account and Add New Blog Post. You Just need to Remember that in Your Google Drive Link You can see /preview that Replace it with /edit?usp=sharing Now You Ready to Publish Your Article Along with your PDF.
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From Editor’s Desk :

Guys, This Blogger Tutorial is a Basic Stuff on How to Guide that You Easily Embed your PDF Document in Your Blog Post in Blogger Platform. There are some of Basic Steps Above that you need to Follow. This Post is helpful for those who want to add Online PDF ebook or any other PDF Document in Blog post. It is better than instead to write the whole PDF that you easily show your visitor to Full PDF Document in Blogger Post.