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Top 10 Best Entertainments Apps for Android in 2018

Best Entertainments Apps for Android
Best Entertainments Apps for Android

Best Entertainments Apps 2018 – Android is the simple and most familiar Operating System among people. Everyone carries a smartphone these days. So, It has become the main source of Entertainment. You can find many entertainment apps at the Play Store. But, there are some at the top. Today, I’m going to talk about these Top 10 Best Entertainments Apps for Android in 2018. Lets have a look at them.

Top 10 Best Entertainments Apps for Android in 2018

Best Entertainments Apps for AndroidAlthough, there are many good and worthy applications out there at Google Play Store. But There are some applications at the top of the list. We’ll have a look at them in this section and know a brief introduction about them.

#1 9gag

9GAG is the most downloaded and used fun application at Play Store. The application provides Funny images, gifs, Small videos. Almost all types of simple and funny trolls are available in 9gag. Along with all that, It also provides 20,000+ posts updates daily. You’ll have a lot of fun using this application in your device.

#2 Hotstar TV Movies

Hotstar TV Movies application is a great entertainment application. The application is the priority of all Sports, TV fans. They can find everything from their need in the HotStar Application. You can live stream videos, and the movies database is up to date. You can watch movies of your choice at anytime, anywhere.

#3 TED

TED is another amazing entertainment application for the android devices. TED is a great organisation, spreading different ideas worldwide. If you are a tech guy or loves technology, philosophy etc., then this is the application for you. You’ll find many video interaction since the applications. Watch them and enhance your personality.

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#4 Dubsmash

Dubsmash is an awesome entertainment application that you can use in your device. If you love mimicry, then it is the application designed for you. You can mimic a sentence and then the application allows you to dramatise it with different voice overs. Share your results via social media and become popular among your peers.

#5 Flixster

Flixster is one of those amazing android apps, which allows you to stream and download the full movies. With Flixster, You can also Watch and book the movies in the nearby theatres, Rate them. You can also check out most popular ratings of various movies.

#6 Fandango

Fandango application is a good entertainment option when you need to find out the popular movies shows around your place. You can buy online tickets, make online payment of your favourite Movie shows. Fandango is the ultimate app for managing your movie theatre experience. Give it a try.

#7 Quora

Quora is an amazing social networking application. Which you can use to ask your questions, or know the opinion of others about the related topic. There are many expert solutions about the related question of the field. Quora is the good place to solve your queries with almost no nonsense response. entertainment apps for android free download

#8 YouTube

YouTube is one of the most known and used android application platform. Which allows you to search and stream free online videos related to your topic. Live music, sports, news etc. everything can be found on YouTube by a little tap on the screen.

#9 Pandora

Pandora is an awesome platform to enjoy online music and radio. The application provides an awesome interface to manage and arrange your favourite music and album. You can sort music by name, time, artist etc. Enjoy your free time with Pandora.

#10 Netflix

Last, but not the Least. The Netflix application allows you to watch, stream and manage the favourite TV shows and movies. You can also see sorted list of movies and TV shows on the application. If you are a movies geek like me,  then this one is for you.

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