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Esports Vs Traditional Sports Betting – Is There a Difference?

Sports betting has been an excellent form of gambling for many years, with people betting on teams and players in attempts of winning big. However, it’s time for sports betting to leave some space for esports betting. Both formats have different audiences and don’t affect one another.

With the expansion of competitive video gaming and the rise of online betting platforms such as cover.gg, esports betting has turned into a serious player in the sports betting sector. In this article, we try to find the differences between esports betting and traditional sports betting.

Differences between Esports and Traditional Sports Betting


The popularity of esports betting has become a growing trend, especially among younger users. According to expert predictions, the global esports betting market is about to reach $30 billion by 2025.

Traditional sports betting has an extensive experience in the gambling sector. Its audience has been formed a long time ago. So its performance remains stable, without any drastic ups and downs. The only relatively big change is observed in South Africa where traditional sports betting received a second life recently.

Gaming Concept

One of the most significant differences between esports and traditional sports betting lies in the game’s concept. Esports focus on video games played in a competitive setting.

Meanwhile, traditional sports cover physical games like football, volleyball, basketball, or tennis. The policies and tactics involved in these games are completely different, which creates different betting patterns.

Betting Options

When it comes to betting options, the types of odds are mainly the same for both types of betting. However, esports betting traditionally comes up with a broader range of options as you can wager on the match winner and the number of kills. Traditional sports betting mainly involves wagering on the match outcome or the potential goal scorer.

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Technology and Data

Sports betting doesn’t depend on digital solutions. While traditional sports is easier to perceive, it is also easier to analyse. In fact, bettors often make predictions in this sector based on their intuition. Is it right or wrong? Everyone should decide for themselves.

Esports betting is dependent on technology. Thus, esports bettors need a lot of data to be collected for further analysis. This is mainly statistics of each match that needs to be processed before predicting possible outcomes.

Competition Formats

Sports and esports tournaments are league-based or tournament-based events taking place throughout the year. Apart from sports like football and basketball, most traditional sports don’t have a match system. The same goes for esports. All events are combined into leagues and/or tournaments. From the bettors’ perspective, both formats offer a thrilling and exciting experience for bettors.

Ease of Access

The main advantage offered by esports betting is the overall simplicity, accessibility, and flexibility. With the rise of online betting platforms, you can place bets on esports without leaving the comfort of your home.

Traditional sports betting often needs you to visit a land-based location, like an online casino or a sportsbook, to proceed with betting activities. This can turn into an absolute mess, especially for those who live far away from such facilities. Bettors try to find a reasonable solution to the problem, which is not easy to do.

Sports and Esports Betting: Similar or Different?

The idea of sports and esports betting looks the same. You pick the discipline and pick the most attractive odds. Both offer a full of fun betting experience that hides a wide range of opportunities.

The overall concept for sports and esports betting is totally different. One focuses on physical games while the other one covers digital products. You need to have in-depth knowledge in one of the disciplines to proceed with betting activities. You simply won’t go far by hoping for luck only.

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Whatever your passion is, you should remember to have fun. This is what online betting has been created for.