Essential Ice Maker Parts You Need to Know About

Essential Ice Maker Parts You Need to Know About

Producing ice in minutes rather than hours, this ice machine is a welcome addition to any kitchen. The Essential uses R-134a refrigerant and recyclable aluminum alloy side panels to reduce energy costs and improve long-term sustainability. This replacement part replaces the auger that stirs and dispenses the ice into your freezer’s ice bucket. This essential component can become noisy or not dispense ice at all.

Icemaker Control Assembly

The ice maker control assembly (called the Module & Motor Assembly) controls the ejector bar, heater, and water inlet valve actions. The module may be defective if your icemaker is not making ice or only producing small ice cubes. The module has a base to which a drive gear, two switches, and a cam are attached. A third switch and a lever are connected to the ice maker housing. The icemaker housing has an access hole, and the icemaker module is fastened to this hole with fasteners. Lead wires connect the switches, heater, and thermostat. A protrusion 63 on the base snaps to a bail pivot 62, which couples to a bail rod 64 having a hole 65. The rod carries a contact 69 to an ice body storage level sensor 48 installed on the insert-molded circuit board 202. When the ice body is complete, contact 69 closes to signal the icemaker that it is time for a fill cycle.

Ice Bucket

An insulated ice bucket can make your bartender’s life easier by keeping the drinks cold longer. It is a container for holding and storing ice, usually used in bars and buffets to serve drinks. It is also helpful in keeping a bottle of wine chilled by surrounding it with ice cubes. This allows your guests to enjoy the wine at its peak and prevents the liquid from getting too warm quickly. The insulated ice bucket is perfect for poolside shindigs, beach hangouts, or boating adventures. It has a nonslip base pad for stability and a stainless steel bottle sleeve to keep wine safe from spills. This ice bucket replacement is designed to fit all KitchenAid models and can be easily installed. Scavenge the shut-off bar and wire harness from the old unit, and attach them to your new replacement. It is essential to turn off the power to the freezer before starting this repair.

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Water Filter

To make quality ice, your refrigerator must pass its water through an ice maker water filter. This helps to remove common tap water impurities like chlorine, which can affect the taste and smell of your ice. Like any appliance that handles food needs to be sanitized to prevent contamination, so does an ice machine. You can find cleaners to sanitize your ice maker’s interior surfaces and prevent scale build-up.

Water Line

Ice makers using a water line need an intact, working water supply to function correctly. Check your water line for possible damage or blockage if you notice the ice machine producing less or no ice. If there is a problem with your water line, unplug the freezer and turn off the water. If your ice maker is not running even though the electrical power is on, it may indicate a problem with your ice bin thermistor or the internal ice maker wiring. Unplug the freezer, disconnect the ice maker, and test the thermistor for proper resistance with a multimeter or the manufacturer’s tech sheet. If it’s defective, replace the ice bin thermistor. Keeping your freezer and ice maker functioning correctly is essential for healthy food storage. Sears has freezer and ice maker parts and accessories to keep your appliances working at their best, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without worry.