Everything You Need to Know About GB WhatsApp !

If you are a smartphone user then I am sure you must be aware of the messaging application Whatsapp. But how do we make an optimum use of it? And how can we improve the usage?

Well for this work all you need to do is Download GB Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp is basically a messaging application for all the android users to chat, call and send media to their loved ones. But there are something unique things about the GB Whatsapp. The use of the GB Whatsapp is just incredible.Everything You Need to Know About GB WhatsApp !

You can do some crazy stuff with this application, for example, one can even have a dual WhatsApp account and can even switch to multiple numbers using this account. Unbelievable! Well but this is true.

Let us know more about Gb WhatsApp and how can it benefit you, you can know all about the Gb WhatsApp reading this article and I am sure you will then get a clear idea of how it works and you will surely get tempted to download this application, let us know the Use of the GB WhatsApp that makes it so awesome.

Following are the features of GB Whatsapp:

  • Using this application a person can handle multiple accounts of Whatsapp in your single android phone.
  • An android phone user can even use this application and make calls and chat simultaneously , this cannot be done using a normal Whatsapp.
  • Gb WhatsApp enables the user to even change the MODs of the visual and the size as well as the color of your image and text you are sending to another user.
  • Usually, people complain that the quality of the images sent via WhatsApp degrades and all they do not like it. But in Gb, WhatsApp a user can send N number of images without the fear of their quality being degraded.
  • The GB WhatsApp can also show the pictures on the user’s phone book and can also hide the images on the contact profile of the person.
  • This application provides a user with the variety of themes which a person can download in case he does not like the default theme of the application.
  • Using this application the users can send unlimited videos and images at once without any difficulty and for the initial first year, this application is free for the users and later they may even charge the user offering the variety of combination packages.
  • Want to see someone’s last seen without going online? Well, this is not possible if you are using WhatsApp but with GB WhatsApp a user can see anyone’s last seen from their lock screen itself without even changing their own last seen all I mean is without even going online! Now this is something incredible!
  • At times we do not want to talk to a person and are irritated with their constant attempts of calling us on WhatsApp. But go WhatsApp allow their users to disable their calls for some contacts, so this means you can now customize your call list and avoid the one’s you do not want them to call you over messengers.
  • A GB WhatsApp user can even hide their last seen to some specific contacts, unlike Whatsapp. So now you do not have to hide your last seen from everyone. Just hide it from the one’s you feel you don’t want them to see it.
  • Gb Whatsapp has enabled a user to send a single broadcast message to around 600 users instead of 250 users. So in one go u can contact to masses and speak whatever you want too! Wow, no need of retyping or re-sending in just one go all your work is done.
  • A person can change the sign of ‘ticks’ to ‘bubbles’ Mods according to their wish, using GB Whatsapp.
  • The user of this application can even change the icon of the app using their simple settings .
  • There are times when you read someone else’s status and feel this is something you were thinking about too! Now to make this easier for you go Whatsapp has come up with an incredible feature that you do not have to type the whole of status, all you need to do is to have the exact same status is touch the status of your friend and it will get copied to your status and will automatically be updated.
  • There are some additional features of the application and you can explore them yourselves if you download the application in your android phone.
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Reading these incredible features if you wish to download the application, then here are some easy steps to download it on your android phones.

  • Go to your setting option in the phone and then choose the security option and allow the unknown sources to be on.
  • Now you have to install the application from the link after you downloaded it. And run the application in your phone.
  • Patience is very important after some time the installation will show success.
  • After this, go to your app drawer and then open the application, get your mobile number verified by the application.
  • After entering the OTP code and the number verification, you can use this application like a normal Whatsapp and take advantage of these incredible features!

Many Whatsapp users are not switching to use GB Whatsapp on their android smart phone’s as GB Whatsapp offer additional 10 features than normal Whatsapp and you can make an optimum utilization of the application as it supports almost everything and is even free for the initial first year.

GB Whatsapp is offering you the variety of services in a single messenger application and is not restricted to some limited features. So in the short go, Whatsapp is just one shop stop for you if you are using an android phone and make smart use of your phone and applications.