Facebook Confirmed that Downvote Button is Being Introduced


Screenshots portraying a replacement “downvote” button on Facebook began current on Twitter, leading some to take a position that the social network is actively testing a ranking mechanism just like Reddit’s community-controlled comment system. The corporate has formally confirmed the take a look at to The Verge, however, a Facebook interpreter says it’s solely meant to be a technique for tired questionable comments on public posts.

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Tapping the downvote button hides the comment for the user WHO faucets it, then asks them to mention whether or not the comment was “offensive,” “misleading,” or “off topic.” Downvote read counts don’t seem to be visible to users. “We don’t seem to be testing a dislike button,” a Facebook interpreter writes. “We square measure exploring a feature for folks to allow America feedback regarding comments on public page posts. this is often running for a tiny low set of individuals within America solely.”

Downvote Button to get Introduced in FB Soon

A Facebook interpreter tells TechCrunch Facebook that the motivation behind the downvote button is to make a light-weight method for folks to supply a symptom to Facebook that a comment is inappropriate, uncivil, dishonourable.

Previously, Facebook corporate executive Mark Zuckerberg has aforesaid the social network would ne’er get a dislike or a downvote button. However, Zuckerberg had acknowledged back in 2015 that a ‘like’ wasn’t the suitable reaction for all posts, particularly those a couple of personal loss or a tragedy. Facebook had then unrolled reactions for users in August 2015, that allowed them to specific quite similar to on a post. Users will currently react with laughter, sadness, heart, anger to a post. However, there’s choice for dislike intrinsically.

The last time Facebook thought of a feature resembling a “dislike” button, it resulted within the introduction of reactions on its mobile app and web site back in 2016. Those emoji-like animations provide users a wider breadth of responses to hide additional advanced emotions, sort of a friend’s reaction to a tragic or reflective post a couple of lost love. It appears seemingly that the downvote button, if it will ever launch, can start restricted to public posts as the simplest way to assist users self-moderate sprawling rib comment sections below news articles, as associate example.

Even if it remains a simplified moderation tool, the button should have a bigger role to play in Facebook’s style roadmap down the road. corporate executive Mark Zuckerberg has pledged this year to reorient the method his company prioritizes posts and organizes data, with a stress on “meaningful posts” shared by friends and family and a discount in posts from complete pages and media organizations.

When tapped , the downvote button hides a comment, and provides users further coverage choices like “Offensive”, “Misleading”, and “Off Topic”. Those might facilitate Facebook find out if the comment is objectionable, a kind of “fake news”, or simply unsuitable. Facebook already includes a “Hide” button for comments, however it’s sometimes hidden behind the drop-down arrow on comments instead of now clickable.

Giving users the power to assist regulate public behavior on the platform, very like Reddit will, might facilitate Facebook gather knowledge and insight into the kinds of discussions users have an interest in having. it might conjointly facilitate the corporate perceive the tone and content of comments that float to the highest, and people that get downvoted into physical property.



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