Facebook Credentials Been Stolen by Fake Android App


The new strain of malware known as FakeApp is intended to trick individuals into providing their login details via phishing so log into the accounts to steal a lot of personal data. It’s price to say that this threat is in a position to use the in-built Facebook search tool to induce the targeted details.

Image credits: pentesttollz.com

According to the malware researchers from Symantec, Martin Zhang and Shaun Aimoto, this malware is detected as the golem.Fakeapp and aims to infiltrate devices of communicatory users. it absolutely was caught spreading hidden within malicious applications that are offered on third-party app stores.

Fakeapp from Android Stealing Facebook Credentials

Analysts say that of golem malware victims ar situated in Asia-Pacific region that suggests that the majority of third-party store’s customers ar from Asia. Despite that, FakeApp virus is primarily designed to focus on communicatory individuals.

Apps infected with the Fakeapp malware can like a shot hide from the phone’s home screen, however begin a service that runs within the background. This service is answerable for beginning a spoofed Facebook login computer program to steal user credentials. Fakeapp sporadically displays this login screen till users enter their Facebook credentials.

This is wherever Fakeapp is totally different from all previous golem info-stealing trojans. Besides causation the collected Facebook credentials to the attacker’s server, the malware additionally like a shot uses these credentials on the victim’s device.

It then hundreds the Facebook login page and accesses the user’s account. Whereas Symantec didn’t justify why this happens, we tend to believe attackers an to avoid Facebook security measures that warn users once somebody is trying to access an account from a brand new IP address. By work in from a similar phone, the assailant is victimisation the victim’s traditional IP.

Once into Associate in Nursing account, the malware does not seem to try and do something intrusive compared to different malware strains that ar proverbial to love content and post spam. Instead, Fakeapp simply collects the user’s account details like data on education, work, contacts, bio, family, relationships, events, groups, likes, posts, pages, and so on.

This strain of golem malware is extremely refined — once put in, it like a shot hides itself effort the sole service running within the background that incessantly displays faux Facebook login screen to steal user’s credentials. it’s programmed to indicate it sporadically till the user submits the login details.

On the contrary to previous golem virus versions, this FakeApp trojan not solely transmits the taken credentials to the attackers however additionally uses them directly on the device to continue harvest even a lot of sensitive data from Facebook accounts.

Android applications infected with the malware become hid from the device’s home screen. within the meanwhile, a service is started within the background of the golem system that initiates a spoofed Facebook login computer program.

This is done in order that the victim’s login credentials for the social platform ar harvested. Fakeapp is persistent during this behavior because the spoofed login is displayed sporadically to users till they sort in their credentials for Facebook.


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