8 Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives for Business Owners


Facebook Messenger had no doubt become the new favorite of the crowd. Today more and more people are using FM as their primate messaging app. While the app itself is good and provides a host of functionality, some people do not want to use it. For them, it is not the end of the world. There some alternatives to FM and most of them can work for businesses. Here are a few of them.

1 Skype – The old and the most obvious alternative is Skype. Skype is known all over the worlds and is famous for being the best in the business of video calling. With the newly added features of call conferencing, there are no ends to the extent to which you can use the application. Using it is easy, and there are versions for all the operating systems. It also lets you add your Facebook account.


2 Pidgin – Pidgin is a great alternative for windows users. You can keep connected with the various instant messaging platforms. You can use this product free of cost. Although it is not for Linux or Mac, there is Adium for that purpose. Pidgin is easy to use, and you can merge your contact across many different platforms. So if one of your contacts is from Facebook and the other from google talk, you can merge with them and work.

3 iMessage – No doubt there is a flood going on of Video calling apps in the apps arena. But we have to choose carefully. One thing we should remember before downloading any app is its privacy and security features. In this aspect, iMessage on PC is much better than any other app.

4 IM – It is one of the most popular messaging platform used as an alternative. You can organize various services like hangouts, twitter and you can sync them to the app. Soon you start communicating with the peers. IM+ brings the chatting experience to your mobile. Unlike the others above it is accessible on your devices. You have to download the app, and you can begin.

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5 Trillian – Trillian is an app which provides you more than syncing contact. You can ad your account on the app and then communicate with your existing contacts. But it also provides a standalone platform for its users to chat without the interference of any other application. There might be some issues in using it with Facebook, but as an existing Trillian user, you will have no problem in using the app and chatting.

6 Trello – This is a platform which not only allows users to chat but also to collaborate. You can talk with your fellow users you can assign a task to them. Decide which tasks have been completed. You can share files and media using this platform. It is handy as a progress tracker. The application includes features like calling, video calling among other chat features. The app works for teams of big size too.

7 Slack – Slack functions not only as a messaging platform but also as an app that brings all your communications together. It is a cloud-based platform which is used to collate the work of different people sitting all around the world it manages the log of all the conversation that has taken place so that you can look back. It is a very function al online tool and has developed further to be an application which can help increase productivity.

8 Telegram – This IM service has a unique feature to offer its users. It delivers its messages very fast. Compared to the regular systems on the same internet connection, it is faster than others. But this is not the only feature. The messages that you send are encrypted, and they are self-destructed. So those who do not want any trace of their chats can choose Telegram. While it is not a direct alternative for businesses, people can use Telegram to talk about something important and secretive.

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These are the modern alternatives of Facebook Messenger. Some of them are used only to communicate while other are used to make the working process more straightforward. There are more unpopular alternatives to the FM, but they are not used as much. All the options mentioned above will solve the basic need of messaging, but they might not provide the glamor that Facebook offers. It’s on the noisiness owner to decide what he/she wants from the product.

You can share your views about these apps or suggest as any other app that you think we have missed in the list.