Facebook’s New Updates as It Enables Changing Location from App Background

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In earlier versions of the Facebook App, Facebook users on Android Platform had the choice of Facebook entirely tracking their location or not. In other words, once you allow Facebook permission to obtain your location, it collects all location tracking data whether you’re using the app or not. And when you turn it off, they can’t obtain it in anymore.

To utilize features like Nearby Friends or Location tagging for your pictures, location access is actually required. So, putting off location might deprive users of those advantages.

Image Source – Getty Images

Facebook for Android Apps has received a fresh update that gives users more authority over their privacy settings, including allowing them to stop the app from tracking their accurate location. Before this, the app could follow the GPS in the background and have their Location History turned on. Put otherwise, it could keep a note on users’ location even when they’re not operating it, but now there’s an option to turn it off.

The Process for Activating the Update are:
1. Open the Facebook App. Tap the settings menu (with the hamburger icon) at the top right.
2. Select Settings & Privacy.
3. Tap the Privacy Shortcuts.
4. Then, you’ll select Manage your location settings.
5. You can now toggle the Background Location off.

This is an option that’s already built into iPhone models, which let you define whether an app can locate you any specific time, or only when you’re operating or never. Facebook accesses your location data to target advertisements and show you nearby events and to identify where you’re logging in from.

It then stores a copy of your exact location data. You have to physically enable Location History for Facebook to track you in the first place, but you may have done this if you’ve ever used a feature like location tagging for photos.

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